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News for Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia DC Dan Lanning remaining with Bulldogs despite being a favorite to take same role with Texas
Georgia defensive coordinator Dan Lanning will stay on board with the Bulldogs despite emerging as a favorite to take the same position at Texas. The 34-year-old Lanning interviewed at Texas this week ...

Candidates for Georgia's Vacant Defensive Backs Coach Job
Charlton Warren has taken the defensive coordinator position at Indiana, opening up the defensive backs coach at Georgia.

Georgia football: 3 biggest offseason questions facing the Bulldogs in 2021
Kirby Smart and his Georgia football team have some big questions to answer this offseason. The Georgia Bulldogs were once again on the outside looking in ...

Three-star big man Tyrone Baker commits to Georgia
Tyrone Baker, a six-foot-nine and 190-pound big man out of Fort Bend (Texas) Hightower, has committed to Tom Crean and Georgia, he tells 247Sports. "I am going to Georgia," Baker told 247Sports.

Josh Brooks says Georgia football 'welcomes' high expectations
Expectations in the SEC are high for every team, but there’s no doubt that with the Georgia Bulldogs, the expectations are among the biggest in the league. On the Paul Finebaum Show on Friday ...

Georgia freshman guard Johnson declared eligible by NCAA
Georgia freshman guard K.D. Johnson, who was the top-rated prospect in coach Tom Crean's 2020 class, has been declared academically eligible. Johnson sat out the Bulldogs' first 10 games while ...

Georgia Bulldogs get first SEC victory on road vs. Ole Miss
How bad did Georgia want to win Saturday? So bad that when they finally did, the Bulldogs gave Tom Crean the first water-cooler dunk of his 21-year, head-coaching career during the postgame locker ...

Sources: Indiana Hoosiers to hire Georgia Bulldogs DB coach Charlton Warren as defensive coordinator
Indiana is set to hire Georgia defensive backs coach Charlton Warren as defensive coordinator, sources told ESPN.

What Georgia Bulldogs have declared for the 2021 NFL Draft?
Eleven Georgia Bulldogs have announced that they intend to enter into the 2021 NFL Draft. Remaining players have about a week to make a decision on their NFL future. Additionally, six notable players ...

Offensive reload, defensive rebuild for 2021 Georgia Bulldogs
There are shoes still to drop. In the age of the transfer portal, NCAA blanket waivers and underclassman draft declarations, more certainly will. But the shape that will be the Georgia Bulldogs’ ...

Former Georgia Bulldogs athletic director Greg McGarity named Gator Bowl Sports president
Former University of Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity has been named to replace Rick Catlett as the president and CEO of Gator Bowl Sports.

Tennessee Lady Volunteers vs Georgia Lady Bulldogs January 14 Preview, Game Time, Matchup Statistics
Conference opponents hit the court when the No. 23 Tennessee Lady Volunteers (8-1, 0-0 SEC) host the Georgia Lady Bulldogs (10-1, 0-0 SEC) at Thompson-Boling Arena on Thursday, January 14, 2021. The ...