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News for Germany

Germany sees rise in number of right-wing extremists
An annual report on extremism in Germany released Thursday estimates the number of right-wing extremists in the country at 32,080 last year. This is an increase of almost 8,000 compared to the figure ...

Why US schools can't follow the example of Germany and Denmark, in charts
Analysis by Stephen Collinson, Caitlin Hu and Shelby Rose, CNN Updated 3:30 PM ET, Thu July 9, 2020 (CNN)Like we've said before, the first day of school can't come soon enough for Trump. On Wednesday, ...

Importing Germany's dual education system is easier said than done
Gavin Williamson is the latest of many politicians to express admiration for the German system ...

Exclusive: Biden to review Trump decision to cut troops in Germany if elected
Democrat Joe Biden will review a decision by Republican President Donald Trump to withdraw thousands of troops from Germany if he is elected president, a top aide to the candidate told Reuters.

Prosecutors In Germany Probing Wirecard For Possible Money Laundering
Prosecutors in Germany are investigating possible acts of money laundering by executives at Wirecard, the payment processing firm that filed for insolvency last month amid widespr ...

Pandemic Creates Germany-Sized Drop in Global Consumption
The amount of global consumption lost in the pandemic roughly equals the size of the German economy, but the slump also led to the biggest ever drop in greenhouse gas emissions.

Gilead to deliver more remdesivir to Germany, Europe from the Fall - WiWo
Gilead Sciences Inc plans to make more of its drug remdesivir available for Germany and Europe from the Fall and will decide how much each country gets based on the rate of infection, the drugmaker's ...

Germany's Merkel: Pandemic Highlights Limits of Populism
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the coronavirus pandemic is showing the limits of “fact-denying populism.”.

Germany laments US exit from WHO, says EU seeks to reform it
Germany’s health minister lamented the formal U_S_ notification it’s withdrawing from the World Health Organization as a “setback for international cooperation.” ...

How Germany Fell Back in Love With Angela Merkel
Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany is on her way out. After almost 15 years in office, the pandemic is likely to be her last great challenge. It could also be the one that seals her legacy: The virus ...

Germany insists self-regulation not enough for Facebook
Germany is determined to expand its attempts to regulate online hate speech even as Facebook promises to do more to clean up its site after a global advertiser boycott, with politicians saying the ...

Merkel is under pressure to cut Germany's ties with China as the Hong Kong crisis triggers a European backlash against Beijing
Amid international outrage against China's crackdown in Hong Kong, German Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted on the need for 'dialogue' with Beijing.