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News for Gibson Les Paul Dc

Local Experts Help Choose the 10 Best Blues Acts in Dallas
AC/DC was one of my childhood influences ... Lopez’s main guitar is a rare 1959 Gibson Les Paul that he says Gibson gave him while he was staying at the Omni Barton Creek Resort during SXSW. “We call it the Barton Creek Burst,” he says.

Shaun White -- Shreds Guitars Too ... Rock Band Jams in DC
If you haven't heard ... Shaun plays lead guitar in a band called Bad Things-- and last night their summer tour stopped at DC9 in Washington, DC. The Olympic gold medalist had a Gibson Les Paul sunburst ax slung over his shoulder during the gig

Peter Frampton's Comes Alive Les Paul Making Comeback This Week
Peter Frampton will play his restored 1954 Gibson Les Paul for the first time in 32 years at the Beacon ... Guns N' Roses Tribute Late AC/DC Producer George Young- Marilyn Manson's Twiggy Ramirez Responds To Rape Claim- Queen Freddie Mercury Version ...

Guitar Owned By Les Paul Purchased By ‘Pawn Stars’ For $90,000
Ford died in 1977; Paul passed away in 2009. Although it may seem like the double-cutaway guitar is a Gibson SG as popularized by Angus Young of AC/DC and Eric Clapton during his days in Cream, it bears the Les Paul name. In 1961, Gibson re-designed the ...

Guess The Guitar God!
Angus Young of AC/DC outfitted his Gibson signature guitar lightning bolt inlays, reflective of his band’s high voltage rock n’roll. This storied British musician helped popularize the Gibson Les Paul model but switched to Fender Stratocasters when he ...

Slash: The Making of a Modern Guitar Hero
He was a boy, too, when he got his first guitar—a Les Paul copy that spurred his lifelong affinity for the Gibson classic ... Learning to play, Slash fell in love with the music of AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Jeff Beck, Rory ...

D.C. Oscar galas benefit charities
“The American Red Cross of the National Capital Area is so honored to have been chosen by the Academy of Motion Pictures to host Oscar Night DC,” said Linda Mathes ... Among the night’s bounty: a Gibson Les Paul guitar signed by the rock band ...

A gift from Les Paul, with no strings attached: Musical pioneer's guitars up for auction
The name Les Paul is synonymous with both the musician and the guitar; from AC/DC to ZZ Top. He not only gave modern bands their most potent instrument in the form of the eponymous Gibson guitar, but also pioneered the recording techniques that made it ...

The Defining Guitarists and Gear of '90s Hardcore Punk
Another key element of Allen’s distinctive sound on these later works is his Les Paul with an EMG pickup in the bridge ... Like many others of the era, Kirsch did all her work with a Gibson SG. It’s hard to say why these guitars were so ubiquitous ...

Dells reporter displays artistic touch
That work won him invitations to do guitars for the street art Waukesha put on in its celebration as the Gibson Guitar Art Town and to honor Les Paul. Les Paul was born Lester William Polsfuss in 1915 in Waukesha. He is also buried there. A jazz and ...