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News for Gift Card

Miami is passing out grocery store gift cards for the hungry
The city of Miami will be giving out $250 gift cards next month to residents who can't afford groceries, as more Americans struggle to put food on the table due to widespread unemployment caused by ...

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The ultimate holiday gift guide
Here's a few online retailers that can help you out. And if that sounds like someone you know, a gift card from here could do them wonders.For the outdoorsy typesWhat do you get for the friend who's ...

Apple reveals four-day Black Friday gift card offers
As ever, Apple offers no discounts on its devices for Black Friday, but it has announced a range of gift cards worth up to $150 that will be included free with certain purchases.

Apple’s Black Friday deals are official: Free gift cards with iPhone 11, Apple Watch 3, AirPods, Macs, and others
Apple unveiled its traditional discounts for the four-day Black Friday shopping event that it hosts every year. Apple will offer buyers free gift cards ranging from $25 to $150 on various ...

$3,000 Gardner-White Gift Card Giveaway
White during “America’s Thanksgiving Parade presented by Gardner-White” on Thanksgiving Day! The contest runs from at 9 a.m. to 11:40 a.m. Winner will be announced at the end of the parade broadcast ...

Algonquin Police Warn Residents Of Gift Card Scam
Police said they've received reports of scams involving a caller asking citizens to purchase gift cards from stores to repay fake debt.

Apple 4-Day Shopping Event Starts Friday; Gift Cards Offered
Apple will be launching a four-day shopping event on Friday and will offer customers up to $150 gift cards with certain purchases.

Covid-19: Droitwich card and gift shop flouts lockdown 'on principle'
The owners of a card and gift shop say they are defying lockdown laws "on principle" and to pay their bills. Alasdair Walker-Cox, of Grace Cards and Books in Droitwich said despite police visits and a ...

Leyline rewards good deeds with gift cards and in-game items
Leyline will offer rewards like gift cards and in-game items in exchange for charitable deeds like giving blood and donating time.

Water Company Donates Thanksgiving Gift Cards To Needy Families
San Jose Water has handed out a truckload of free turkeys in partnership with local charities to low-income families every November since 1990. This year, due to COVID-19 concerns, the company has ...

Naperville parish hosts gift card drive for families in need
Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church is adapting to the COVID-19 era with a holiday gift card drive in lieu of the traditional "parish giving tree." ...