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News for Gold Chain

Priyanka Chopra Goes for Gold From Head to Toe to Meet Nick Jonas’ Family
The 35-year-old actress further accessorized with a matching gold chain shoulder bag and chic shades. Meanwhile, the former Jo Bro, 25, looked dapper in a navy suit worn over a black shirt paired with chunky white slip-on sneakers for the occasion.

Emergent Technology™ And Valcambi Partner On Gold Blockchain Platform
SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 14, 2018 /CNW/ -- Emergent Technology Holdings LP ("Emergent") announced today it has entered into an agreement with Valcambi sa ("Valcambi") to license Emergent's Responsible Gold™ supply chain technology. Valcambi is the ...

Ray-Ban Just Dropped a $500 Pair of Aviators Plated in 24K Gold
The sunglasses even have an official “Run For Gold” trailer. In it, a gambler loses his fur coat, gold chain, and even his shirt in an underground den—but runs away before having to give up his Wings. Ray-Ban’s star is on the rise again.

Nordstrom, Inc.'s Real Estate Could Be a Gold Mine
As a result, many department store chains have looked to sell off excess real estate in order to cash in on high property values. Nordstrom (NYSE:JWN) never expanded as much as its lower-price competitors, and since all of its stores are profitable ...

Aldi whiskey wins 'gold' medal - yes, that Aldi
The German chain, which is expanding rapidly in the U.S., earned high ... was one of three products to earn a gold medal. It sells for 12.99 pounds in U.K. Aldi stores, which is about $17.32. “We had a few stand­outs, especially regarding balance ...

Bros!: See Nas & Diddy Twinning In Orange Sweat-Suits Down To Their Gold Chains
Nas has recently released his very own clothing line, HSTRY. Most of the clothing feature 90's hip-hop styles like baggy fits and bright colors. In celebration of his new endeavor, Nas has been wearing the clothing from his line to every event he attends ...

New York Restaurant Serves Gold-Plated Chicken Wings
The FOODGŌD 24k Gold Buffalo Wings were launched in The Ainsworth’s Chelsea and East Village locations last month, and are scheduled to become permanent fixtures on the restaurant chain’s other locations in the near future.

Gold Market Dreams of Blockchain Supply Chain by Next Year
The gold market could be using the technology behind cryptocurrencies to track an almost-$200 billion supply chain as soon as next year. The London Bullion Market Association last week closed an invitation for submissions of ideas for how to track the ...

BioHiTech and Gold Medal Team Up to Help Temple University Reduce Disposal Costs While Having a Positive Impact on the Environment
The new bundled services offering provides Temple University with Gold Medal's traditional disposal services in combination with BioHiTech's food waste digesters and supply chain data analytics platform designed to help reduce waste generation for one all ...

33 kg gold smuggling: Bajeko Sekuwa raided
“All the chain restaurants of Bajeko Sekuwa would be sealed,” said a member of the investigation committee. He said they are acting at the directive of court. The special committee probing the organised gold smuggling have sealed all five chains of ...