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News for Goped

Need a licence to ride a scooter? One Ipswich man found out the hard way
Iuri Duarte told magistrates he had ‘no idea’ he needed a licence, insurance and protective headgear to ride his GoPed electric scooter. The 33-year-old was stopped in Wherry Quay on January 22 – the ...

Go safely on your goped
Gopeds, citybugs, buzzboards...whatever you call them, Gloucestershire police are concerned that young riders should be aware of their legal obligations. Gloucestershire police force have issued a rem...

For $4,500, Go Far From Fargo
Similarly, yesterday's custom GoPed Scooter left its mark to the tune of a 72% Crack Pipe loss. Whatever, haters gonna' hate, and scooters gonna' scoot. That slice o' wry bit of basic transportation m...

UrbanScooters.com offers ESR750 H Hoverboard Li-Ion
URBANSCOOTERS.COM, America’s leading online source for quality motorized scooters and bikes, recently announced the addition of the new and innovative Go-Ped ESR750 H Hoverboard Li-Ion to its line ... ...

Police Log
According to Flagstaff police reports, an orange Paramount Goped scooter valued at around $500 was stolen from inside an open garage door on East Everest Drive on Wednesday. Police are still investiga...