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News for Graffiti

A Norfolk group has long helped clean graffiti off the Confederate monument. Not anymore.
After the protests following the death of George Floyd, a representative of the Downtown Norfolk Council said the cleaning “took on a different significance." ...

Three women ticketed for ‘BLM’ graffiti in Naperville’s Cantore Park, one week after racist graffiti found there
Three people were ticketed Monday after a second round of graffiti — this time promoting Black Lives Matter — was found in the same Naperville park defaced over the Memorial Day weekend with white ...

'We'll keep cleaning up': Volunteers, nonprofit scrub off graffiti after Downtown protest
Teens and adults with the Central Indiana Youth of Christ and Downtown Indy cleaned up Downtown Indianapolis on Monday after weekend riots.

Monuments on Boston Common, in Public Garden defaced with graffiti
Memorials across three of the city’s major parks were hit with graffiti and vandalism Sunday night after tensions mounted between demonstrators and police following a day of mostly peaceful protests ...

Metro Courthouse could stay covered in profane graffiti for a week
Most of the graffiti was spray painted on limestone portions of the courthouse, and that is far more difficult to clean and preserve, a worker at the site told th ...

After protesters spray graffiti, Kansas City gives them walls to vent their anger
It might be the worst idea I’ve ever had,” said Terry Rynard, the director of the Kansas City Parks Department. Or not, she figures. Maybe it will help vent some rage. On Monday, following yet another ...

Graffiti in Lafayette Park following George Floyd Protest in Washington, DC
A man walks past graffiti in Lafayette Park next top the White House following last night's George Floyd protest, in Washington, DC on Monday, June 1, 2020. Demonstrators took to the streets in major ...

Sj: Hundreds Converge To Help Clean Up Graffiti Left By Protests
By John Bricker San Jose Spotlight SAN JOSE Hundreds lined up to volunteer outside San Jose City Hall on Tuesday to clean up graffiti downtown from the ongoing George Floyd protests. The supply of ...

A jogger Runs Past Graffiti Following George Floyd Protest in Washington, DC
A jogger runs past graffiti following overnight protest against the police killing of George Floyd, in downtown Washington, DC near the White House on Monday, June 1, 2020. Demonstrators took to the ...

Guest Commentary: Keep the graffiti as a reminder of this fight for justice
If the protests stop, what will have been accomplished? Justice may be served in this case but what about next time or the time after that?

WATCH NOW: Downtown Richmond houses of worship vandalized during weekend destruction. Some will keep graffiti as a reminder
The thunderous bells at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church tolled dozens of times Monday afternoon, a slow deliberate cadence that rang throughout the nearly-empty streets of downtown Richmond before giving ...

Community cleans up racist graffiti from Tacoma couple's home
RELATED: 'Racism is man-made and therefore we can solve it together,' says Tacoma activist The interracial couple has dealt with blatant racism before. Melody Batie said early in their marriage she ...