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News for Greece

Greece: Police, anarchists mark 1973 uprising with clashes
Greek police say clashes have broken out between police and anarchists in Athens and Thessaloniki on the anniversary of a 1973 student uprising against the military regime that ruled Greece.

Greece's student heroes remembered
Every year on November 17 a bloodied Greek flag is carried through the streets of the Greek capital, Athens. It is in memory of the Polytechnic students who, in 1973, died for democracy at the hands o...

Greece's 'red gold': saffron trade blooms in wilted economy
KROKOS, Greece (Reuters) - Every autumn, Zisis Kyrou is more often found plucking flowers in northern Greece's purple saffron fields than in his office as a civil engineer. Saffron - the spice so expe...

Greece marks anniversary of anti-junta uprising
Athens (AFP) - At least 11,000 Greeks took to the streets of Athens on Saturday to mark the 45th anniversary of a 1973 student revolt against a US-backed junta, police said. The march was held amid ti...

Greece’s Church says priests should keep state jobs
ATHENS, Greece — Greece’s powerful Orthodox Church says it wants priests to remain civil servants, rejecting part of a recent government offer to switch a payroll system for clergymen. The church’s go...

EuroBasket 2019: Great Britain women aiming to qualify against Greece
Great Britain's women's team will look to secure their place in next year's EuroBasket finals when they take on Greece in Manchester on Saturday. A three-point win would be enough to send coach Chem B...

Dirt-cheap loader on eBay is too good to be true for Greece man
Burglary: Between 5 p.m. Nov. 9 and 12:45 p.m. Nov. 10, someone used an unlocked window to enter a home on Hemingway Drive and steal jewelry and a camera. Grand larceny: Between Nov. 8 and Nov. 9, a p...

Greece marks 45th anniversary of student uprising against military junta
Thousands of Greek citizens marched across the center of Athens on Saturday to mark the 45th anniversary of the uprising that led to the restoration of democracy in the country after the military ...

PHOTOS: Growing restaurant concept brings taste of Greece to Charlotte, adding more locations
Vasili Pahountis saw an opportunity to bring a taste of Greek food to Charlotte. He opened the first location of Greco Fresh Grille in the Blakeney shopping complex in south Charlotte roughly 7.5 year...

Greece: Bailout lenders agree to scrap 2019 budget cuts
Greek officials say lenders have agreed to scrap a major round of government funding cuts planned for next year after the country outperformed budget targets set to help protect public finances.

Greece Dodges New Pension Cuts as Government Eyes 2019 Elections
(Bloomberg) -- Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has some political breathing room ahead of next year’s general election. After the country’s euro-area creditors didn’t raise objections to a governm...

Greece, police union agree to 5-year pact
The town of Greece and the union that represents many police officers in the town announced a new five-year labor agreement Thursday. Supervisor Bill Reilich and the Uniformed Patrolmen's Association ...