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News for Green

Final Grades: A Look Back on Devonte Green's Season For Indiana
We'll start with the seniors and work our way through the roster, starting with senior guard and co-captain Devonte Green. Devonte Green, the 6-foot-3 guard from North Babylon, N.Y., has had the ...

Aaron Rodgers thinking about playing past 40, preferably in Green Bay
“My thing is, legacy is really important. Having an opportunity to do it all in Green Bay would mean a lot to me. I understand the track record of our squad. There’s been times where we’ve had veteran ...

After being forgotten man behind the Smith Bros. in Green Bay, Kyler Fackrell excited for Giant opportunity
Kyler Fackrell introduced himself to New York Giants fans earlier this week with the understatement of all understatements. The ex-Green Bay Packers outside linebacker had been asked during a ...

Meet SI All-American's Player of the Year, Jalen Green
He shies away from the attention that comes with being an elite high school basketball star, and his tunnel vision helped earn him SI's honor. Jalen Green is a walking dichotomy. The high schooler’s ...

Steve Kerr compares Michael Jordan to Draymond Green on competitiveness
"Draymond Green is the guy who comes to mind for me because the fiery competitiveness is what's different," Kerr explained. "I've played with a ton of guys who are really competitive. Tim Duncan for ...

Looking ahead to summer, Oakwood Homes is at work on its St. Jude Dream Home in Green Valley Ranch, to be given away
Oakwood Homes is at work on its St. Jude Dream Home at Green Valley Ranch, a three-bedroom residence that will be given away to some lucky family on Sept. 3.

Green 19 Podcast: Are Packers serious about drafting a quarterback?
The Packers have been fairly quiet in free agency and turned their attention to the draft. Hosts Jim Owczarski and discuss whether a quarterback might be on their wish list.

Coronavirus: Green light for flower growers to resume operating
Horticulture businesses have been given the go-ahead by the Scottish government to resume operations, so long as workers stick strictly to public health rules on social distancing. The advice comes ...

Green Day drop surprise EP Otis Big Guitar Mix
Green Day have treated fans to remix Ep 'Otis Big Guitar Mix', which follows the release of their 13th studio effort, 'Father of All Mother****ers'.

Plant nurseries are open, so get your green on - but check before you go
As you know, I believe strongly that gardening has a role to play in how people deal with staying at home during the shutdown.

For 100 years, 'essential businesses' helped Green Bay keep the Packers alive and in Green Bay
When panic-driven consumers stripped shelves of toilet paper because of the coronavirus pandemic, the essentialness of Green Bay's industries was again confirmed. Georgia-Pacific and Procter & Gamble ...

Philip Green asks for taxpayer support to prop up Arcadia
Billionaire asks government to pay 14,500 employees out of emergency wage scheme ...