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News for Gremlins

Gremlins get tested in Springfield tourney
However tough a pill to swallow, Sacred Heart boys soccer head coach Warren Dey spelled out to his players Saturday that the loss the team was about to take was not the entire ...

Gremlins rush to win over Wildcats
It was a good news/bad news kind of a night for the Central Clarion football team with the good news being that after two weeks of uncertainty, the Wildcats were finally getting to play a regularly ...

Gremlins outlast Mountaineer gridders, 21-14
In a West PAC Conference Copper Division contest, the host Gremlins defeated Iron Mountain, 21-14 Saturday afternoon at Houghton High School. The Gremlins, who led 14-0, scored a second-half touchdown ...

Vikings outlast Gremlins
Venango Catholic’s Sadie Kalamajka recorded eight blocks while Cheyanne Rudder had seven digs Thursday night as the Vikings won a five-set thriller with Karns City in a KSAC girls volleyball ...

Marathon finish: Kingsford earns volleyball title with 38-36 win in finale
A 38-36 marathon set ended with the Kingsford Flivvers victorious over the Houghton Gremlins on Saturday at The Rock Invitational hosted by Gladstone High School. Kingsford won the finals in two sets, ...

Houghton takes down Iron Mountain, 21-14
After having 52 points scored on them in the first week of the season, Gremlins’ head coach Micah Stipech and his crew vowed never again would that many points be tallied against them. “We resolved to ...

The Matrix Resurrections Looks Like The Gremlins 2 Or Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Of The Matrix Series, And That's Exciting
The trailer for "The Matrix Resurrections" is here, and it looks great. It also looks weird, and that's what has me truly excited for this sequel. It would've been very easy for director and co-writer ...

Westwood Patriots still working to get up to competitive speed with elite teams like Houghton Gremlins
Moral victories can always be taken away, and the Westwood High School volleyball team had that feeling despite falling in three sets to Houghton on Thursday night. The Gremlins cruised to victory, 25 ...

Gremlins enjoy scoring spree
Figuratively playing on a downward slope, the Gremlins overwhelmed visiting Keystone, 16-0, in boys soccer play. “A game like this doesn't help us,” KC coach Jim Grenninger said. “If anything, we tend ...

Why an Order Gone Bad is Good for Business
You say, “Oh no! A messed up order” and think, “This could cost me the account.” But you will think differently after this week’s Short Attention Span Sales Tip by Bill Farquharson.

Week 4: Unbeaten Raiders visit Wildcats
It’s back to the C-L Sports Complex for the second straight year as the Brookville Raiders visit the Central Clarion Wildcats.

New Clip From ‘Bad Candy’ Is All Trick, No Treat
On Halloween night in New Salem, Radio DJs Chilly Billy (Slipknot’s Corey Taylor) and Paul (Zach Galligan, Gremlins) tell a twisted anthology of terrifying local myths. Residents of the small ...