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News for Group

Conservative group files ethics complaint against AOC for attending Met Gala
A conservative watchdog group filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday, claiming she violated congressional rules by attending the high-priced event. "There are ...

Ex-Official Behind Drive That Killed 1,500 Dolphins Says Group Must Admit Things Went Wrong
An animal rights groups wants "much tighter restrictions" around such hunts and, if not, "at least a ban on the killing of the Atlantic white-sided dolphins." ...

American Airlines Group Inc. stock outperforms market on strong trading day
Shares of American Airlines Group Inc. inched 0.88% higher to $19.38 Wednesday, on what proved to be an all-around favorable trading session for the ...

Group 1 Automotive CEO Earl Hesterberg on lack of inventory and state of the industry
Earl Hesterberg, Group 1 Automotive CEO, joins 'Power Lunch' to discuss the company's investment in 30 new dealerships, the demand for vehicles and record new car prices.

A Federal Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Vortic Watch Company Over The Swatch Group After 6-Year Trademark Battle
Vortic Watch Company is once again victorious in a trademark case filed by Hamilton Watch Company, a Swatch Group brand. The panel of federal judges affirmed an earlier New York district court ruling ...

Investor group sets tough climate blueprint for Big Oil
Investors managing more than $10 trillion on Wednesday published an ambitious blueprint for energy companies seeking to tackle climate change, including sharp cuts to greenhouse gas emissions and a ...

Afghan killed by drone praised by co-workers in US aid group
The Afghan man who was killed in a U.S. drone strike last month was an enthusiastic and beloved longtime employee at an American humanitarian organization, his colleagues say, painting a stark ...

Taliban seizes $12.4 million from ex-officials as the cash-strapped militant group desperately looks for an influx of money
Afghanistan is facing a tremendous financial crisis and is strapped for cash just one month into the new Taliban rule.

Conglomerate Tata Group bids for debt-stricken Indian national carrier
India's tea-to-steel conglomerate Tata Group confirmed Wednesday it has submitted a bid to buy debt-crippled national carrier Air India, which it owned decades ago before the airline was nationalised.

Champions League: Liverpool prepare for Milan in opener of ‘proper group’
Jürgen Klopp expects Group B, which also features Atlético Madrid and Porto, to be ‘exciting from the first second’ ...

Advocacy group can't sue over low pay for nonwhite, female Darden workers
Tipped workers' group not Darden 'employees' under anti-bias law Group also failed to allege it was injured by pay practices Darden accused of discriminating against female, nonwhite workers The ...

Animal rights group: Faeroes should end dolphin slaughters
The international animal rights group Sea Shepherd said Wednesday it hopes that pressure will build from within the Faeroe Islands to end its traditional drive of sea mammals into shallow water, where ...