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They're oldies but 'disgraceful' goodies
The trust relies on the community for 40 per cent of its funding. Club co-ordinator Jane Laing, who rode her new BMW GS650, said about 100 of the riders were Marlborough Ulysses members. Other riders came from the Kaikoura and Nelson club branches ...

Next-gen Gulfstream 650 private jet nearly breaks sound barrier
The new Gulfstream 650 private jet will have a maximum velocity of 704 mph, ever so close to the speed of sound, 770 mph. The jet, which won’t be available until 2012, will carry a price tag of nearly $65 million. Able to hold 18 people, its range ...

Japanese Motorcycles at Bonhams Auction
A boy’s dream bike collection is passed on: Sports bikes galore at Bonhams Harrogate sale as a private collection of painstakingly restored iconic 1980s/90s Japanese motorcycles goes under the hammer. The collection highlights the technological ...

2009 Hyundai Sonata SE
Quick: name a Hyundai sports sedan. Can’t do it, can you? If there’s ever been one, I’m not aware of it. No, the late unlamented Hyundai Elantra GT doesn’t count. Even with a red “GT” on the rump, the suspension tuning decidedly prioritized ...