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There's Now a Café Variant of the Suzuki SV650 Because Why Not?
Having owned both a 2007 SV650 and a 1982 GS650 myself, that would be something I could get behind. The Sport Heritage Yamaha XSR700 is Coming to the U.S. We were thrilled by the XSR900 and we can't w...

It’s About the Journey, Dummy
I’m currently down to two functional bikes (’77 Yamaha XS400 and ’99 Suzuki DR350) and one project (’82 Suzuki GS650). Although I don’t have any current plans to expand the fleet, that hasn’t stopped ...

They're oldies but 'disgraceful' goodies
The trust relies on the community for 40 per cent of its funding. Club co-ordinator Jane Laing, who rode her new BMW GS650, said about 100 of the riders were Marlborough Ulysses members. Other riders ...