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News for Gucci

Gucci’s Chime For Change Zine Devotes Entire Special Edition To #SayHerName
Chime Zine by Gucci.com is dedicating its fourth edition to spotlighting the lives of Black women and girls who have been killed by police violence or while in state custody.

Gucci Heir Alleges Child Sexual Abuse
Alexandra Zarini, the great-granddaughter of Guccio Gucci, has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles against three family members.

Ellie Goldstein is a model with Down syndrome and the new face of Gucci Beauty
Goldstein was chosen as part of the two brands’ “Unconventional Beauty” campaign which supports models who defy stereotypes. Gucci Beauty posted a stunning portrait featurin ...

A Gucci family secret: Heiress alleges she was sexually abused from age 6 onward
Another scandal rocks the Gucci family, which founded the Italian luxury goods empire. The sex abuse was exposed in a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles.

Great Outfits in Fashion History: Donald Glover in a Groovy Gucci Suit
In ' Great Outfits in Fashion History ,' Fashionista editors are revisiting their all-time favorite lewks. What's not to love about Donald Glover? Between writing, producing and acting in Hollywood ...

Billie Eilish’s WFH Outfit is Full Gucci
In embellished trousers from David Cozy and Left Hand Los Angeles and a pair of Gucci’s orange flash trek sneakers, Billie was at her baggy best. Her pants’ airbrushed characters were a playful touch ...

Would you spend $10,000 on a virtual dress? Gucci is betting on it
Gucci wants to dress you—and your avatar. The $11.8 billion Italian powerhouse is no longer just designing physical products, but also virtual clothes, shoes, and accessories that exist entirely in ...

18-year-old model with Down syndrome stars in Gucci beauty campaign
This 18-year-old model with Down syndrome absolutely SLAYS in the Gucci campaign. Information courtesy of Gucci Follow Ellie on Instagram @elliejg16_zebedeemodel ...

Kate Hudson Goes Makeup-Free for a Candid Chat on Gucci Westman’s ‘Makeup and Friends’ Series: Watch
Kate Hudson closed out season 1 of Gucci Westman's 'Makeup and Friends' series, and Us Weekly got an exclusive first look — watch ...

Gucci Heir Alexandra Zarini Alleges Decades Of Sexual Abuse By Stepfather
Alexandra Zarini, the granddaughter of Aldo Gucci, has accused her stepfather, Joseph Ruffalo, of sexual abuse. She claims that he started abusing her when she was 6 and continued to abuse her until ...

Gucci Announces New Retail Openings in California’s Bay Area and Toronto
San Francisco has always been a key location for Gucci, and even more so today, given its historical significance as a city that champions self-expression and freedom,” said Susan Chokachi, ...

Roar Emotion: Celeste in the Lion Head collection by Gucci Jewellery
But, as Celeste stated in a comment under her video, “It has taken on a new and more powerful meaning because of what has been happening.” “I myself learnt a lot from the most recent events,” she said ...