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News for Gucci

Chef Massimo Bottura Comes to Beverly Hills With Gucci Osteria
The voluble proprietor of Modena’s three Michelin-starred Osteria Francescana happened to grow up with the CEO of Gucci, Marco Bizzarri, who has enlisted Bottura to launch restaurants in selected ...

Gucci bares backstage, No. 21 celebrates a decade
Milan Fashion Week opened Wednesday with outreach to China, largely cut off from the rest of the world by a new virus, and to Africa, often overlooked by luxury except as references. New York-based ...

Dakota Johnson Pairs Lingerie With a Gucci Suit for Chic Milan Fashion Week Look
Fashion month has moved on from New York City and London to Milan, where Dakota Johnson wore one of her best outfits of the decade to Gucci's show yesterday. The former Fifty Shades of Gray star ...

Gucci opens a pop-up shop in Chicago to debut new psychedelic collection and honor the recipients of its first-ever $50,000 grant
Out of 16 winners, two were Chicago-based non-profits who seek to serve people of color as well as those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

Retail Happenings: Gucci grows, C magazine opens a stylish store
With its new dedicated men’s boutique, expanded women’s area and a chic rooftop restaurant, the Gucci flagship store in Beverly Hills is on track to becoming a full-service lifestyle destination. In ...

Gucci Declares the Death of the Fashion Show Greatly Exaggerated
It’s a “ritual” said Alessandro Michele. And he’s not giving it up any time soon. Plus communion at Jil Sander and ’80s revivalism at Alberta Ferretti. MILAN — For the last few years the death of the ...

Gucci’s Circle of Life
In many ways, fashion is propulsive; a vision of the future, or at least what to wear next season. It’s also cyclical by nature. The fashion calendar repeats itself, designers recycle trends and ...

Gucci pop-up store lingers after NBA has left town
The crowds and hoopla from the NBA All-Star game in Chicago have gone, but the Gucci pop-up store in Fulton Market, set up to snare the event’s biggest spenders, remains open through March 2.

Gucci RTW Fall 2020
Is fashion a religion? Alessandro Michele thinks it’s pretty close, with the runway show its most revered ritual. Michele dedicated his fall Gucci collection to the multitiered ritual of designing, ...

K-Pop Star IU Stole the Show in Gucci’s Front Row
When it comes to spectacle, few can top Alessandro Michele. This season, the Gucci designer peeled back the curtains on the backstage scene, offering his audience a surreal window into the models’ ...

The Best Looks from the Fall 2020 Runways in Milan
Milan has become an even heavier sartorial hitter in recent years with the stark ascent of brands like Gucci and Bottega Veneta, cast alongside longtime power players like Prada. And there's no ...

Gucci 2020 Milan Fashion Show
Creative director Alessandro Michele sent models down the runway with faces full of black makeup tears. Of course, the look somehow worked perfectly with the steampunk-meets-high-fashion gowns, which ...