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News for Guitar

Nokie Edwards, Whose Guitar Drove the Ventures, Is Dead at 82
Nokie Edwards, whose virtuosic electric guitar playing helped define the surf-rock style of the Ventures, the immensely popular instrumental band that rose to prominence in the 1960s, died on Monday in Yuma, Ariz. He was 82. His death, in a hospital, was ...

Four Great Amps for Reggae Guitar
Check out these four reggae amp choices—and some thoughts on settings. This amp is a favorite among reggae guitar players because of the crystal-clear response you can hear while using the clean channel. It was used by reggae jazz guitarist Ernest ...

Video Lesson: Cultivate Your Standalone Guitar Skills
The acoustic guitar really is a remarkable instrument. In the most capable hands, it can sound as rich and dynamic as a grand piano—though it’s considerably more portable. True, it’s most often used to accompany a singer or to play a lead line, yet ...

Guitar Visionary Malina Moye Announces New Empowerment Album Amid Entertainment Industry's Female Revolution
Pop-Rock maven and international guitar superstar Malina Moye is set to release her new album "Bad As I Wanna Be" in March 2018 on WCE Records and has unveiled the striking album cover that projects Moye as a warrior princess with her weapon of choice-a ...

Brothers in music: Cross Brothers new album a product of family ties and guitar interplay
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- On-stage meltdowns. Recriminations in the press. Petty jealousies, insults and envy. The story of siblings-gone-wrong in rock 'n' roll is notorious. The spats between the Davies brothers in the Kinks and the Gallaghers in Oasis are well ...

Third annual Holy City Guitar Series features South American guitar and wine
A musical and visual journey through Latin America will be presented at the third annual Holy City Guitar Series on Sunday, March 25. The 5 p.m. performance at Pure Theatre, 477 King Street, will feature the theme Viva La Music: South American Guitar and Wine.

The Jamstik+ Smart Guitar is your personal music teacher
Learning how to play the guitar is no easy feat, and plenty of aspiring rock stars wash out due to either lost interest or simply lousy teaching. The Jamstik+ aims to remedy both of these issues with a 21st-century approach. This smart guitar teaches you ...

Rock out at Legends of Guitar show
Anthony Mazzella is bringing back his Legends of Guitar show to the Prescott Center for the Arts, paying homage to various rock legends. The show has been going on for a couple years and Mazzella said it’s been a great run. People have loved it and he ...

Memphis International Guitar Festival attracts classical guitar masters from around the world
Memphis International Guitar Festival attracts classical guitar masters from around the world Multiday Memphis International Guitar Festival begins Friday. Check out this story on commercialappeal.com: http://memne.ws/2HFDMxy

Teenager Malie Lyman brings family traditions to Steel Guitar Festival
If Malie Lyman were a “mystery guest” on the classic television game show “What’s My Line?” she’d probably stump the panel. At 13, she’s the foremost female steel-guitar player in Hawaii. Read More