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News for Guitar

Liam Gallagher guitar stolen from blind woman in Birmingham
A guitar signed by singer Liam Gallagher has been stolen from a partially-blind 71-year-old woman. Thieves broke into the property on Fast Pitts Road, Hay Mills, Birmingham and stole the Epiphone EJ 200 guitar, which the woman won in a Radio X competition.

Guitar hero Gary Clark Jr. gets 'Justice League' grooving with 'Come Together'
Who better to create a theme for a movie about superheroes than a guitar hero? That was the thought process behind tapping Gary Clark Jr. to put his signature on the Beatles classic “Come Together,” which he and DJ/producer Junkie XL spun into a ...

Sharon Isbin's guitar highlights an eclectic Madison Symphony Orchestra show
How do we make sense of music? How does the answer to that question change with music composed closer to or farther from our own time, or closer to or farther from the culture in which we were raised? I don’t imagine John DeMain meant to answer those ...

Creativity instrumental for guitar builder
POINT AU ROCHE — Scott Hanley had always wanted to learn to play a six-string guitar. But he injured a hand in a fall at his job as a correction officer and so had to get creative, instead. Hanley converted his first three-string cigar box, a white ...

Stolen Van Halen guitar safely returned to Hard Rock Cafe
SAN ANTONIO - UPDATE: The stolen Eddie Van Halen guitar valued at more than $100,000 was recovered and returned to the downtown Hard Rock Cafe, officials with the restaurant said Friday. According to police, somebody walked in a side door of the building ...

Good Samaritan finds stolen Van Halen guitar
A piece of rock and roll history vanished from the Hard Rock Cafe. But, now a bigger mystery surrounds just where it was found. It was found really close to the crime scene, a four-minute walk from the restaurant. Even though it has been returned, the GM ...

Hear Keith Richards' Isolated Guitar from "Gimme Shelter"
"On the very last note of 'Gimme Shelter' the whole neck fell off." Keith Richards is known for his blues-based, Chuck Berry-inspired playing style—which is why his playing on the Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" is such an eye-opener. At the time ...

Build a RGB Matrix Electric Guitar
A geek by trade, Jordan has spent most of his life attending conventions and learning about the newest technological advancements. Although his passions primarily lie in media and new means of game design and gamification, he's fascinated with makers from ...

Malcolm Young, AC/DC Co-Founder and Guitar Savant, Dead at 64
Malcolm Young, who co-founded the legendary hard rock band AC/DC alongside his brother, Angus, and is generally regarded to be one of the greatest guitarists to ever walk this planet, has died at the age of 64 following a multi-year battle with dementia.

Stolen Van Halen guitar returned to Hard Rock Cafe in Texas
The guitar, nicknamed “Frankenstrat,” had been reported stolen around 1 a.m. Friday. It was returned later in the day, but it is unclear how the restaurant was able to retrieve the instrument. According to San Antonio police, someone walked in a side ...