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This Handy Gadget Vacuums and Washes Your Floors at the Same Time — and It’s $150 Off Right Now
Hardwood floors are definitely nice to look at, but they do require quite a bit of maintenance. Not only do you need to vacuum them multiple times a week to prevent debris and dust from causing damage ...

One man killed in officer-involved shooting on Handy Road Saturday night
A man was killed Saturday night after he allegedly tried to hit deputies with his car while fleeing. Escambia County Sheriffs Office deputies were serving a warrant around 9:30 p.m. at the 2200 block ...

I Polled 1.7 Million Professionals Over 6 Months About Remote Work. Here's The Verdict In 10 Handy Stats
Remember when this was supposed to last two weeks?  It’s now been nearly nine months since many of us have stepped foot in the office. In that time, remote work has gone from being a novelty to being ...

Hours of mellow music from across BBC Sounds in one handy mix!
Hannah Peel has your latest edition of All Day Chill on BBC Sounds. Show more Hannah Peel brings you another edition of All Day Chill - your fortnightly selection of chilled tunes. Featuring: Radio ...

7 handy gifts for the friend who loves to travel
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Handy hints for hot desking during Covid-19
Hot desking is one option - allocating seating to staff as required, rather than each worker established at their own desk.

Dreams can be a fertile source of ideas for a writer, just keep a notebook handy - Ian McMillan
I’m at Oakwell watching the mighty Barnsley FC and the East Stand is pretty full and the crowd is buzzing and because we’re all so close and there’s no social distancing you can tell I’m dreaming.

Google Meet copies a handy feature from Zoom and Microsoft Teams
GOOGLE MEET has just rolled out a handy new feature which has been lifted from its big video conferencing rivals Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

PS5 Adds Handy Feature You May Have Missed
Of course, this isn't the only way that PS5 speeds up the user experience. From the system's extremely fast load times, to game presets that allow players to make changes that impact every compatible ...

Aadhaar PVC cards: Handy new model comes with latest security features; here's how you can get yours
Indian citizens can get their Aadhaar letter reprint on PVC card by paying nominal charges of Rs 50 which was allowed by UIDAI. Non-registered or any alternate mobile number residents can also order ...

How pet boardings in Kerala capital come in handy for animal lovers in times of need
It was tough as her pet dog, Luka, a Retriever, loves to be around her. "Usually, while travelling, we put Luka up at a friend's place if it is for a day or two. But this time it was an extended trip, ...

The NFL needs to have its bleeper handy for The Weeknd’s Super Bowl show
The NFL had better get its bleeper ready after booking The Weeknd to perform at February’s Super Bowl halftime show. His No. 1 hit “Can’t Feel My Face” is widely interpreted to be a love song to ...