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New details given about demolition timeline at New Orleans Hard Rock site
New Orleans City Council members heard a detailed timeline on the planned demolition of the Hard Rock Hotel site from an engineer who said the task poses no threat to surrounding buildings downtown.

Dolphins unveil plan to turn Hard Rock Stadium into a drive-in theater
The Dolphins announced Tuesday that their home stadium will convert into a drive-in theater with enough room to hold 230 vehicles. The team will also unveil an open-air theater on the stadium’s south ...

Dolphins convert Hard Rock Stadium into a drive-in movie theater
The stadium’s new drive-in will accommodate up to 230 cars, while the open-air theater offers a more intimate viewing experience on the plaza.

Top Miami news: Miami Beach to reopen June 1; Hard Rock Stadium to become drive-in theater; more
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Dolphins can’t play yet, so Hard Rock Stadium is opening a drive-in theater
The stadium will show classic movies and what it calls classic Miami Dolphins content. Despite the fact that fans are aching to see Tua Tagovailoa throw a pass wearing the aqua and orange, the Miami ...

Coronavirus prompts Dolphins to host drive-in movies at Hard Rock Stadium
The Miami Dolphins will turn Hard Rock Stadium into a drive-in movie theater this summer as a way to entertain fans during the coronavirus pandemic, the team announced this week. The NFL franchise ...

Hard Rock Stadium's drive-in theater allows cars on the field (sorta)
Since the term "social distancing" was introduced as a method to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, there has been public chatter about drive-in movie theaters making a comeback. The Hard Rock ...

Man who was in Hard Rock when it collapsed was killed by deputy after chase in Marrero
He survived the collapse of the Hard Rock building but was killed by a deputy after a chase where police say he pointed a gun at officers. The family has questions.

Miami Dolphins turning Hard Rock Stadium into drive-in movie theater
In response to social-distancing rules, Miami Dolphins to open home field to films, commencement ceremonies and other events.

Dolphins to turn Hard Rock Stadium into outdoor drive-in theater
The Miami Dolphins will likely not have to play a football game until August and in the meantime, Hard Rock Stadium is going to transform into an outdoor movie theater.

Miami Dolphins' Hard Rock Stadium Will Soon Be a Drive-In Movie Theater
Drive-in movies have become the go-to for film fans as the coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone out of traditional theaters. And while the old-school experience might not be for everyone, those ...