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News for Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson's race to rally new riders
Harley-Davidson, America's iconic motorcycle brand, started in 1903. It quickly became part of American pop culture, but the company has struggled in recent years. Some argue that it's due to the ...

Harley-Davidson’s Diversification Efforts Continue With Two More Unconventional Models
Harley-Davidson continues to make announcements that indicate their willingness to move past the traditional market boundaries of the 116-year-old company in search of new riders. At the all-important ...

Harley-Davidson offers a sneak peek of its new electric bikes, going on sale in 2020
We’ve known for a few years now that Harley-Davidson is working on a whole lineup of battery-powered vehicles, including a motorcycle, several pedal-assist bikes, and a scooter-moped concept. This ...

Katy Perry's 'Harleys in Hawaii' could reportedly be worth over $40 million for Harley-Davidson
The pop star's latest hit single showcased the brand's motorcycles at a negligible cost to the company, according to the New York Times.

Harley-Davidson rolls out the Pan America and new streetfighter, Bronx (gallery)
Harley-Davidson Inc. is introducing its two new middleweight motorcycle models at the EICMA motorsports show in Milan, Italy, this week — and revealed the name for its new streetfighter motorbike.

Harley-Davidson's 2020 Bronx and Pan America EICMA debuts are big flags planted in a brave new world
One of the main criticisms that we (and seemingly the rest of the motorcycle press) likes to level at Harley-Davidson is that it's been slow to respond to the changing desires -- and budgets -- of a ...

Harley-Davidson's® First Adventure Touring and Streetfighter Models Debut with All-New Revolution® Max Engines
Models Beckon a New Era of Middleweight Capability, Performance, and Attitude from Harley-Davidson -- 2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America™ adventure touring and Bronx™ streetfighter models available in ...

Harley-Davidson rolls out the Pan America and new 'streetfighter,' which now has a name
Harley-Davidson Inc. is introducing its two new middleweight motorcycle models at the EICMA motorsports show in Milan, Italy, this week — and revealed the name for its new streetfighter motorbike.

Hearing Set On New Hyde Park Harley-Davidson Dealership Proposal
Plans call for building a two-story dealership and repair center. (Village of New Hyde Park) NEW HYDE PARK, NY — A public hearing is planned this month on a yearslong plan to build a Harley-Davidson ...

Hog Wild! Harley-Davidson Just Debuted Two New Bikes With Liquid-Cooled Engines
Naysayers who’ve deemed Harley-Davidson a one-trick nameplate may have to reconsider. The storied 116-year-old marque has just rolled out two new middleweight bikes that are unlike anything we’ve ...

Harley-Davidson offers a sneak peak of its new electric bikes, going on sale in 2020
One of the most hotly anticipated electric bicycles scheduled to be released in 2020 isn’t from a traditional bike manufacturer, or even some new crowdfunding e-bike startup, but from one of the ...