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News for Healey

Bug Out In This 1960 Austin-Healey Sprite
Just about all classic British roadsters are fun and lovable cars, but the "Bugeye" Sprite might be the most adorable example of all time. This 1960 Austin-Healey Sprite is a driver-quality example, ...

A.G. Healey demands fireworks retailer stop sending flyers to Massachusetts
Healey alleges Phantom Fireworks is violating state consumer protection law by mailing advertisements and discount coupons.

Stop advertising fireworks in Massachusetts, Attorney General Maura Healey tells New Hampshire retailer Phantom Fireworks
After a surge of fireworks activity across Massachusetts, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey is going after a New Hampshire fireworks seller whose advertisements have landed in the mailboxes ...

Maura Healey, Marty Walsh push for No Hate Act, say it would help fight hate crimes
Massachusetts Attorney Maura Healey and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on Monday pushed for the passage of a federal bill that’s intended to improve hate crime reporting as many cities around the ...

Healey criticizes Baker administration for lack of transparency on problems with unemployment aid
The Baker administration has refused to say how many people have been affected and what it is doing to fix the problem, it, even as hundreds of people have complained.

Attorney General Maura Healey’s office providing $300,000 to fund summer jobs for teens
Our summer jobs program provides teens across the state with an opportunity to challenge themselves, build new skills, and make a difference in their own communities by promoting healthy living,” ...

Columbia Gas to pay $56M state penalty
Columbia Gas, the company that pleaded guilty in connection with the 2018 natural gas disaster in the Merrimack Valley, has agreed to pay $56 million and transfer its business in Massachusetts to ...

Maura Healey to Phantom Fireworks: Stop Sending Ads to Mass. Residents
For the past few weeks, incessant amateur fireworks shows have been lighting up the night sky across Massachusetts, terrifying pets, waking up babies, and depriving plenty of state residents of sleep.

Hollyoaks’ Chelsee Healey sets pulses racing with sizzling bum pic in pink tracksuit
HOLLYOAKS’ Chelsee Healey sets pulses racing as she sizzles in a pink tracksuit that shows off her peachy bum. The mum-of-one looked stunning in the baby pink outfit as she beamed for the ...

Natural gas company to pay state $56M for explosions
The utility blamed for a series of natural gas explosions in Massachusetts in 2018 that killed one person, injured almost two dozen and damaged more than 100 buildings has agreed to pay the state $56 ...

Healey sends cease-and-desist letter to Phantom Fireworks for mailing ads to Mass. residents
BOSTON (WHDH) - Attorney General Maura Healey sent a cease-and-desist letter on Wednesday to a national firework retailer with locations in New Hampshire to ...

Columbia Gas to pay $56 million state penalty by winter
Columbia Gas, the company that pleaded guilty in connection with the 2018 natural gas disaster in the Merrimack Valley, has agreed to pay $56 million and transfer its business in ...