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Shocking moment pilot is killed as out of control helicopter crashes into water
Gustavo Degliantoni, a former pilot and businessman,, died when his helicopter crashed over the Parana River in Argentina.

Controversial history of V-22 Osprey helicopter after another fatal crash
In the wake of the recent helicopter crash off the coast of Japan that killed at least one and left five others unaccounted for, many have questioned the Marine V-22 Osprey, the aircraft the crew had ...

How Helicopter Parents Can Ruin Children First Entering the Workplace
While the transition from a sheltered upbringing to the realities of the workplace can be jarring, it is an essential evolution.

The Mars helicopter Ingenuity is an amazing success. NASA's already testing tech for the next generation (video)
While NASA tested new Mars helicopter technology on Earth, Ingenuity was breaking records flying across the Martian surface.

Assessing Claims That an IDF Helicopter Fired on and Killed Israelis on October 7
The claim by the unnamed source in the Haaretz article that an IDF helicopter fired on Israelis cannot be independently verified but the claims by Shaun King and Ali Awad go well beyond what that ...

Tanner Grone, US Army soldier killed in helicopter crash, honored with funeral in New Hampshire
Staff Sgt. Tanner W. Grone, a U.S. Army soldier from New Hampshire, is being remembered as a devoted family member, friend and leader.

Idaho board allows shooting wolves by helicopter, conservationist raise concerns
The Idaho Wolf Depredation Control Board (IWDCB), an organization under ISDA, tracks the number of cattle wolves kill every year. The board also allows hunters to manage the wolf population in an ...

A Russian shot at me from a helicopter — Stepan Boiarchuk, Zahaltsi village
The tiles in Stepan’s yard are riddled with bullet marks left by the Russian helicopter pilot. His property burned to the ground. Fortunately, the dog managed to survive the terrible burns. The ...

NASA shows Mars helicopter blades reaching blazing speed
The space agency released footage of the testing of its next-generation helicopter's new blades and rotors, which will ultimately allow for a more capable robotic Mars helicopter. The current ...

Officials say a U.S. Osprey helicopter carrying 8 has crashed into the sea off Japan; no details on occupants’ condition
Officials say a U.S. Osprey helicopter carrying 8 has crashed into the sea off Japan; no details on occupants' condition ...

Here's what you need to know about the helicopter hangar Peoria is leasing at Glendale airport
The city of Peoria recently took a big step in establishing an aviation unit that will provide air support for the Peoria police and fire-medical departments, as well as provide regional service if ...

Airbus advances helicopter autonomy with Vertex tests
An advanced helicopter cockpit free of the traditional trio of controls could be on the way if Airbus Helicopters opts to advance the development of an automated flight-control system that was ...