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News for Helicopter

Navy's Newest Unmanned Helicopter Arrives at Norfolk
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 22 became the first on the East Coast to supplement its MH-60 Seahawks with drones.

Let's Remember the Largest Helicopter Ever, Which Was Completely Useless
Homer” helicopter in the 1960s to transport missiles to remote silos. The Soviets hoped to avoid building out a network of telltale railroad lines that would make discovering their nuclear missile ...

California National Guard Helicopter Turns Back as Smoke Hampers Wildfire Rescue Effort
A helicopter crew with the California National Guard on September 9 reported that they called off a rescue mission as smoke thrown up by the Creek Fire reduced visibility. This video shows a crew ...

19-year-old helicopter pilot joins the fight against wildfires in California
"As soon as I got into flying I knew that was going to be one of my end goals was to get into firefighting," said Ashli Blaine.

A US Army attack helicopter had to make an emergency landing In Syria
The crew noticed a possible transmission fault, but the helicopter was able to return safely to base.

Authorities search for drone operator after near collision with Spectrum Health Aero Med helicopter
A Spectrum Health Aero Med helicopter had a near collision with a drone while landing at Butterworth Hospital, according to a Thursday, Sept. 17 press release. Aero Med reported the mid-August ...

Philippine air force helicopter crashes, 4 crew killed
A Philippine air force helicopter on its way to airlift troops wounded in a recent suicide bombing crashed on a southern island Wednesday, killing all four crew members on board, officials said. The ...

Perfectionists may be more prone to helicopter parenting
The negative effects of over-parenting on children are well documented, but less is known about why certain people become helicopter parents. A new study suggests perfectionism is one driver.

Eversource plans helicopter inspections
Eversource said Wednesday that it will conducting aerial inspections of high-voltage electrical equipment on rights of way throughout Western Massachusetts. This work involves the use of a helicopter ...

Helicopter co. Bristow Group appoints permanent CFO
Houston-based Bristow Group Inc. (NYSE: VTOL) has given its interim CFO her executive post on a permanent basis. The company named Jennifer Whalen as its CFO, effective Sept. 16, according to a press ...