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Hello Kitty and her kawaii friends welcome the crowd at Changi Airport’s year-end celebrations SINGAPORE, 17 November 2017 – Get ready for some kawaii awesomeness this festive season as Hello Kitty & Friends land at Changi Airport to greet their fans.

Trip report and photo tour: Inside EVA's Hello Kitty plane
40,000 FEET OVER THE EAST CHINA SEA: This isn't a normal flight, exactly. For one, the outside of our EVA Airways jet is plastered with some unusual paint. Instead of the airline's usual white, green and orange color scheme, this plane shows a giant yellow ...

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20+ Hello Kitty Kitchen Gifts That Offer a Daily Dose of Happiness
If you have a friend whose love of Hello Kitty (and food) knows no bounds, you've come to the right place. From Hello Kitty toasters to baking supplies and, best of all, wine, there's an impossibly cute kitchen gift that any fan will appreciate! Get ready ...

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A few months ago, we reported on a study that found talking to our pets is a sign of human intelligence. Well, as it turns out, talking to our pets may also be making them smarter, too. Take this video by Jason Ybarbo posted to YouTube on Nov. 12, for ...

Everything We Love from the New ASOS x Hello Kitty Collection
We’re always here for a new Hello Kitty collection, and her latest partnership with ASOS is one of the biggest we’ve seen yet. It’s so big, ASOS is releasing products on a rolling basis throughout the holiday season, instead of dumping all 40 (yeah ...

Hello Kitty, Gudetama are landing at Changi Airport
Hello Kitty, Gudetama, Little Twin Stars and My Melody will make an appearance at the event held at Changi Airport Terminal 3. (Photo: Changi Airport) SINGAPORE: Hello Kitty and several other Sanrio characters will be heading to Changi Airport's Terminal ...

Rapper Buddy to Help Fila, Sanrio Mark Hello Kitty-Themed Urban Outfitters Collection
HELLO KITTY’S NEW BUDDIES: Hello Kitty fans can only preorder the new Barbie Hello Kitty, but they can find the Fila x Sanrio collection at Urban Outfitters. Shoppers will find a women’s collection of apparel and accessories featuring Hello Kitty as ...

Hello Kitty Fairy String Lights
These Hello Kitty Fairy String Lights are cute as a button and they will add some Hello Kitty flair to your lighting situation. You get a string of 20 classic Hello Kitty face lights. Attached is a timer for convenient on and off action. Hello Kitty fans ...

The 10 Best Airports for Layovers That Could Be Destinations
TPE has several themed gates to check out, but the Hello Kitty gate is by far the most excessive and worth seeing. Decked out in her signature pink, the gate features Hello Kitty-themed seats, payphones, world clock, duty-free store, and breastfeeding rooms.