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News for Historic

Storm star Breanna Stewart announces signature shoe with Puma in historic sponsorship deal
Breanna Stewart announced a historic deal with Puma, which includes her own signature shoe. The former MVP will have complete control over the name, design, colors and messaging, becomes just the 10th ...

A historic Maine schooner built almost a century ago has returned home
Scott Reischmann purchased the 53-foot Heart's Desire from a family in Massachusetts, adding it to his small fleet of historic vessels at the Portland Schooner Co., which offers public sails and ...

RBG mural gets OK from DeLand Historic Preservation Board: report
A mural depicting the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has been approved to be painted on a wall in Downtown DeLand’s Artisan Alley.

Over half of eligible Latinos voted in 2020 — a historic first
Latinos registered and voted in record numbers in the 2020 election, amounting to almost one in ten voters, with big increases among young adults and U.S.-born Hispanics.

Bassitt fought nerves during A's win in historic Fenway
"That’s what I grew up watching, those Yankee-Boston games so my nerves were way more than normal in the first inning." ...

4 Congressmen Join Colorado Teacher And Students To Make Camp Amache, A Japanese Internment Camp, A National Historic Site
More than 70 years after a Japanese internment camp in Colorado closed, it could become a national historic site and part of the National Park System.

Reigning WNBA Finals MVP and former UConn star Breanna Stewart signs historic deal with Puma that includes a signature shoe
UConn women's basketball legend and defending WNBA champion Breanna Stewart is only the 10th WNBA player in the league's 25-year history to receive a signature shoe and the first since Candace Parker ...

As Philadelphia advances streetscape plan for Spring Garden, historic buildings fall to neglect
What if Spring Garden Street actually lived up to its name? Instead of an 80-foot-wide expanse that cuts a dreary and dangerous furrow across Philadelphia’s midsection, what if there were sidewalks ...

Omaha voters give Mayor Stothert a historic third term
Omaha voters chose experience over change Tuesday as they delivered a decisive reelection victory to Mayor Jean Stothert, who will soon begin a historic third term.

Ariana Grande Improves Her Already Historic Performance On This Week’s Pop Chart
Ariana Grande is inarguably one of the biggest pop stars on the planet right now, but her performance on one Billboard chart she’s come to know very well throughout the years is truly impressive, even ...

Historic post-Brexit shift as UK's EU imports overtaken by rest of the world
Trade with the EU fell by £18.4bn in the first three months of the year, but it is unclear whether the shift would be permanent.

Tangerine Bank to Become First Foundational Partner of the WNBA in Canada in Celebration of League's Historic 25th Season
Presented By Tangerine To Air On Sportsnet ONE, TSN, Facebook and Twitter Beginning on Friday, May 14 –– More Than 50 Live ...