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World Stocks Mostly Turn Lower With US Closed for Holiday
World stock markets turned lower in Europe on Friday after gains in Asia, with trading somewhat subdued by a long holiday weekend in the U.S. With Wall Street due to remain closed in observance of ...

What you need to know about COVID-19: Holiday weekend will test Americans’ discipline as cases climb
The U.S. headed into the Fourth of July weekend with many parades and fireworks displays canceled, beaches and bars closed, and health authorities warning that this will be a crucial test of Americans ...

Jrue Holiday Ready For Orlando, MVP Moment David Griffin Hyped Last Summer
Pelicans Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations David Griffin came into New Orleans and saw a potential star before he ever drafted Zion Williamson. Griffin spent last summer hyping Jrue ...

Virtual Fourth of July celebrations: 14 shows worth watching this holiday weekend
July 4 festivities from Pacific Symphony, Rose Bowl and the Music Center are free online. How to catch Lin-Manuel Miranda, Vanessa Williams and more.

World stocks dip prior to U.S. holiday
Markets had risen earlier in Asia as investors there got their first opportunity to react to the stronger-than-expected U.S. jobs figures released on Thursday. The jobs data and improved global ...

Before the holiday weekend, Facebook decided to 'go loud' with an alert: wear a mask.
Misinformation experts said that they were encouraged by the announcement and wondered why the company hadn’t done it sooner.

PM Update: Staying hot through the holiday weekend
Feeling hot, hot, hot -- that was pretty much everyone outside today. It’s fairly classic weather for July in Washington, despite temperatures being on the toasty side of what we typically see this ...

Foreign holiday bookings playing catch up after UK government indecision
With the ‘safe list’ of countries finally announced, holiday bookings are expected to pick up, but tour operators are scrambling to make up for lost time ...

Coronavirus: Will holiday makers be welcomed in the Highlands?
The easing of lockdown restrictions on 3 July will allow people in Scotland to travel more than five miles, with the possibility of staying the night in self-contained holiday accommodation. But how ...

Remember these coronavirus safety tips this holiday weekend
Americans will be out in droves this July 4th weekend, with many planning to gather at beaches, parks, and barbecues. While the coronavirus lockdown is over in many areas, it’s more ...

Very warm for the holiday weekend
There will be a slight drop in humidity over the next couple of days, but the heat will increase along with some afternoon and evening spotty storm chances.

World stocks mostly dip with US closed for holiday
World stock markets fell slightly in Europe on Friday after gains in Asia, with trading somewhat subdued by a long holiday weekend in the U.S. With Wall Street remaining closed in observance of ...