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We test a home antibody kit for tracking Covid-19
Home testing kits will likely be an important part of monitoring Covid-19. Swab tests can tell whether a person is currently infected, while antibody tests look for signs of past infection. But before ...

2 Arizona businesses teamed up to create an at-home boba tea kit. Here's how to order one
If you want to make boba milk tea at home, Arizona businesses Nom Nom Events and Sweet Kicks launched The Boba Bar Experience kit. Here's how to order.

Health and Wellness Startup Everlywell Selling At-Home Coronavirus Test Kits for $109
Even as hundreds of drive-through testing centers opened nationwide and tests have become more widely available for medical workers on the front lines, long wait times and high demand have resulted in ...

Company with Monrovia lab the latest to launch at-home coronavirus test kit
Sure-track is available for $129 per kit on for users who meet CDC criteria listed on the website’s guided-risk questionnaire.

The Best Home Brewing Kits to Make Great Beer at Home
Craft brewing kits are an easy way to get the fresh beer you crave and pick up a new skill and hobby. Since home brewing can be a bit time consuming, there is no better time to start than when you are ...

FDA approves an at-home coronavirus testing kit
The FDA this week approved a new coronavirus testing kit for home use from Quest Diagnostics. Users will be able to take a swab from their nostril and send in the sample for quick analysis. The ...

SkyART bringing art kits directly to Chicago youth during stay-at-home
SkyART bills itself as the only free art program of its kind in Chicago, normally reaching some 3,600 youths ages 3 to 24, with programs in its facilities as well as at several dozen schools and ...

This Weekend’s Best Amazon Deals Include Sound Bar Systems, Home Exercise Kits, and Pressure Cookers
If you’re a home cook, make sure you have the right tools for a successful meal. This is where Amazon can come in because the online retailer is taking $50 off the Cuckoo pressure cooker this weekend.

BioIQ Launches Telehealth Enabled At-Home Saliva Test Kit for COVID-19 with P23 Labs
BioIQ, a healthcare engagement and clinical adherence technology platform company, announces the availability of an at-home RT-PCR ...

Get a free kids’ workshop kit from Home Depot
Like many other events in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Home Depot has been forced to cancel their popular monthly kids’ workshops. Luckily, however, just because the no-cost in-person ...

Everlywell’s At-Home COVID-19 Test Kit Is Now Available and Will Sell Out Fast
With testing centers' long lines and limited hours, Everlywell's at-home COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit may be your fastest way to results — details ...

NDA Partners Supports Successful EUA by FDA for Expedited Approval of COVID-19 At-home Diagnostic Test Kit
NDA Partners Chief Executive Officer Earle Martin announced today that its client, PrivaPath Diagnostics, Inc. (also known as LetsGetChecked), successfully received an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA ...