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Mozambique dump collapse: 17 dead, homes destroyed
At least 17 people have been killed in Mozambique after a rubbish dump collapsed on nearby houses amid fears others may be buried under the mountain of rubbish. Heavy rainfall triggered the collapse at the Hulene dump in the capital Maputo at around 3am ...

Missing fathers and America's broken boys - the vast majority of mass shooters come from broken homes
My most recent article about the Parkland school shooting and its connection to fatherlessness prompted a tsunami of emails. In one of those emails, a man named Fritz asked what I considered to be the root of fatherlessness. I decided to write a follow-up ...

R. Kelly evicted from Atlanta homes, owes $31K in rent
R. Kelly has been forced out of two Atlanta-area homes after failing to pay more than $31,000 in past rent. The rapper was evicted from two homes he was renting in Johns Creek, according to court documents filed with the magistrate court of Fulton County.

Homes for Sale: Real Estate Guide for Tolland County
Checking out what's for sale on the real estate market? Tolland County offer a wide range of housing options from epic mansions to to quality starter homes. Want a lot of bedrooms? Extra bathrooms? A big yard? Do you want history in a home? You'll find all ...

Funeral homes are becoming like event centers. This mortician wants a liquor license
Funeral homes are trying to shed their reputations as dark and somber places of the dead – by building party rooms where mourners can raise a glass, and their spirits, to celebrate the life of a loved one. Cremations, which are also on the rise, are less ...

Adopt 8: Finding forever homes through the 'Heart Gallery'
SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — A collection of photographs designed to touch your heart, the "Heart Gallery" is traveling to local libraries, to raise awareness about the need for adoptive families. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what better place ...

Senior living development near Addicks Reservoir causing water issues for nearby homes
HOUSTON - The builder of a senior living community bordering Addicks Reservoir is drawing the ire of some nearby residents because water being pumped from the property appears to be creeping close to neighbors' homes. The area was underwater during Harvey ...

New website shows flood history of area homes
It's been nearly six months down the road, but it’s still hard to forget the hurricane that stormed our city and left behind more than a quarter of a million homes damaged in its wake. And Harvey created a real estate market that’s now full of questions.

Fort Worth enjoys a building boom of new residential homes, additions
Fort Worth home building is Dustin Collett's business, and business is booming. "Super busy," he said Monday. "Very, very busy. We are inundated with 2-3 calls a day" from people who want new builds and additions. Monday afternoon, he showed WFAA one of ...

‘We’re all coming out of a bad spot’: Polygamous sect members convicted in Texas receive homes in Utah
For years, George Jessop was too angry with Wendell Nielsen to speak to him. But when Jessop was organizing the 2016 July Fourth celebration in Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz., he made sure to call and invite Nielsen, who was once one of the top ...