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Everything I loved and hated about using HTC's new $800 flagship smartphone, the U12+
I'll say this about the HTC U12+: At least it's different. HTC's newest flagship smartphone made its debut last month. It's shiny, squeezable, and has two camera lenses on the back and front. And if you get the blue version like I did, it has a transparent ...

HTC U12+ review: A good phone ruined with gimmicky buttons
The HTC U12+ is a very capable flagship Android phone with a premium design, great cameras, and 2018 performance, but it's dragged down by crummy pressure-sensitive buttons and gimmicky Edge Sense 2 features. Mashable Score3.5 Cool Factor3.0 Learning ...

OnePlus 6 vs HTC U12 Plus: Can HTC explain why the U12 Plus costs $270 more?
HTC recently announced its U12 Plus and it comes with an all-glass design, Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB of RAM, with fast charging, no wireless charging, and three color options. Sound familiar? Our own Andrew Grush even made favorable comparisons ...

Thank you to HTC for removing the buttons from the U12 Plus
Pressable home buttons? No more, just touch areas. Separate camera shutter release? Nowhere to be seen. Gesture control here, squeeze frame there, and the development goes forward everywhere. Only the keys for volume and power remain the same cheap clicky ...

HTC U12 Plus review: fixing what didn’t need to be broken
It’s a tough task to review an HTC phone in 2018. Am I supposed to treat this company, whose phone design team was recently gutted by Google’s acquisitive forces, as a sustainable and continuing business? How exactly do I factor in the non-zero ...

HTC U12+ review: Buttonless blunder
It's rare to come across a flagship smartphone with a single fatal flaw. That, however, is where we are with the HTC U12+. The new all-digital button setup, which replaces traditional micro-switches with pressure-sensitive wizardry, just doesn't work well.

HTC U12 Plus review: Sometimes innovation goes awry
Outstanding design with cool translucent back glass Excellent audio performance and included USonic earbuds High quality dual rear cameras High level water & dust resistance Unique and useful Edge Sense functionality The 10 best smartphones of 2018 CES and ...

HTC U12+ Review: A Beauty Brought Down by Bad Buttons
Powerful performance. Four amazing cameras. Damn near perfect design. HTC created a beautiful device with the U12+, which is almost better than it has any right to be. But absolutely awful pressure-sensitive buttons and lackluster battery life prevent this ...

How HTC's Smartphone For Cryptocurrency Trading Could Lead A Bigger Market Trend
HTC led a lot of other tech firms in Android smartphones seven years ago but eventually got lapped by the competition. Now it’s trying to get out in front again. The HTC Exodus announced in mid-May will be the first smartphone from a major brand that ...

HTC U12+: Everything you need to know
HTC may not be that well-known in the U.S., but if you ever take some time to look at what the company's kicking out, you'll see that it knows how to make an excellent phone. There's a reason it was chosen to create the first-ever Android device, after all!