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News for Htc One

Will the HTC U12+ have a fighting chance?
The HTC U11 received positive press coverage when it was unveiled and most reviews of the phone pegged it as one of the best smartphones of the year. The software was great, the camera was nearly as good as the Pixel 2’s and the liquid surface design was ...

Go Behind The Scenes Of Ready Player One With HTC Vive
Following the success of Ready Player One in box offices HTC Vive, the official partner for the film, has released a short behind the scenes video that showcases some of the techniques and technology that was used to create the visually impressive world ...

HTC Vive Pro Gets Augmented Reality Features
One example, showing off how the tech can be used to drop a cartoon blowfish into the real world, is below. The HTC Vive Pro HMD, which started shipping this month for $799 for just the headset or $1,099 for a starter kit, increases the resolution of the ...

HTC To Release U12 Plus In Late May, Early June: Rumor
as the company is rumored to skip the HTC U12 branding for one reason or the other. None of that info has been confirmed thus far, but several rumors hinted that it will happen. The phone is expected to become official in the second half of May ...

VR systems Oculus Rift, HTC Vive may be vulnerable to hacks
HTC didn't comment on the study ... For example, the FBI had the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino's terrorists, but Apple's encryption meant they couldn't see the data stored on it. With OpenVR, Baggili and Gromkowski found crucial elements on the ...

HTC’s vision for AR is our most sensible one yet
Augmenting reality can be tricky. So far we’ve worked with screens, trying to layer objects over the world as we perceive it, and that’s incredibly challenging because A. transparent screens haven’t really become mainstream (or cheap) yet, and B.

HTC U12+ Expected To Launch Next Month
one with a 12 megapixel sensor and the other a 16 megapixel sensor. The new HTC U12 will come with a fingerprint sensor, wireless charging and quick charge, plus HTC Boomsound, we will have more details about the device when it is official.

HTC brings AR to VR with new Vive Pro tools for dual cameras
Although the HTC Vive Pro didn’t launch with support for augmented reality ... effectively letting developers create a blend of AR and VR experiences with the same piece of equipment. In one demo already showing the potential applications for the ...

HTC U12+ to start selling in Taiwan in late May, priced at around $850 in 128GB variant
No, HTC has not given up on own-brand Android smartphones… yet ... Pocketnow has been here since 2000. All these years we have had one mission: to offer timely, quality, and unbiased content; to create value, educate, and bridge the gap between people ...

How Steven Spielberg Used VR Headsets to Shoot β€˜Ready Player One’ (Video)
As for β€œReady Player One,” the movie has been regarded by many VR enthusiasts as a possible stepping stone to a wider VR adoption. HTC’s partnership with Warner Bros. also involves a few VR experiences based on the film, and other VR companies have ...