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How Carl Reiner Quietly Led Jewish Humor Into The American Mainstream
There have been more visible Jewish comedic and cultural presences than Carl Reiner who passed away at the age of 98. But his influence was in part directly due to an often low-key and subtle approach ...

Glenview's Blended Health & Smoothie Bar also deals in kindness, humor
Blended Health & Smoothie Bar, 950 Harlem Ave., Glenview, just opened in June. But in addition to the shop's healthy treats, owner April Doremus and her employees offer humor and kindness.

Arizona vintage shop praised for 'spot-on' sign mandating masks: 'Love your sense of humor'
A vintage store in Arizona is going viral for its ominous sign warning guests about wearing masks while inside.

Andy Kindler Embraces Being A Lovable Curmudgeon on Hence the Humor
Andy Kindler released Hence the Humor in May after around 30 years in the business. Whether you know him from his devastatingly self-deprecating stand-up or as Mort, the pitiable mortician on Bob’s ...

Ecommerce App Klarna’s New Ads Combine Scandinavian Kitsch With Absurdist Humor
The company, which was founded in 2005, first expanded in the U.S. 10 years later to provide payment services for several popular online storefronts, such as Overstock, Sephora and H&M. In May 2019, ...

Political Candidates’ Use of Humor on Twitter Can Backfire
A new study shows that political candidates' use of humor on social media can sometimes backfire when it comes to potential supporters. The findings, published in the journal Communication Resear ...

17 Face Masks with a Sense of Humor
Wearing a face mask in public to help slow the spread of coronavirus is required in most states. Sadly, a mask doesn’t let others see your smile, but you can still show others your sense of humor.

New memoir shares the story of how one woman fights her life with humor and finds success as a mouth painter
Blending tones of seriousness and humor, she narrates her story that shows readers how physical disability is not — and never is — a hindrance to success. Born with a muscle disease called ...

A little New England humor
New Hampshire-based comedian Juston McKinney has headlined across the country including features on The Tonight Show. Links to his most recent pandemic inspired “Home School” series can be found ...

Review: 'My Spy' finds right mix of humor, action, tattoos and muscles
The premise isn't quite air-tight but the execution works, and director Peter Segal ("Tommy Boy," "50 First Dates") finds the right balance of edgy humor, explosive action and physical comedy.

The Last of Us Part II’s Shannon Woodward Discusses Playing Dina and the Importance of Having a Sense of Humor in the Post-Apocalypse
The Last of Us Part II's Shannon Woodward talks about being allowed to keep some of her jokes and how humor can deal with trauma within the game.

Virtual Cannes 2020: FRIED BARRY Review – Alien Abduction Explores Drug Addiction and Being Human with Honesty and Humor
Starring Gary Green, Sean Cameron Michael, Graham Clarke Written by Ryan Kruger Directed by Ryan Kruger Writer/director/actor Ryan Kruger moved to South Africa in 2008 after making music videos for ...