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News for Illinois

As other states reverse course amid COVID-19 surge, Illinois and Chicago officials watching metrics but say they have no plans to tighten restrictions
With neighboring Indiana and other states pausing their reopening plans or even moving backward as new cases of the coronavirus surge in places like Arizona, Texas and Florida, Illinois officials so ...

Illinois COVID-19 deaths pass 7,000
The death toll from the coronavirus pandemic passed 7,000 in Illinois with the posting of new data by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The Madison County Health Department 19 new coronavirus ...

Illinois healing, but economic recovery still far from reach
More Illinoisans went back to work last week as the nation posted record job gains, but a full recovery remains far off. The U.S. Department of Labor posted both its weekly unemployment figures and ...

Coronavirus in Illinois updates: Here’s what happened July 1 with COVID-19 in the Chicago area
Illinois health officials Wednesday reported 828 new known cases of COVID-19 and 30 additional confirmed fatalities, bringing the total number of known cases to 144,013 and the confirmed death toll to ...

Playing politics over Illinois’ big backlog of unemployment claims
Some lawmakers want the governor’s office to do more to help their constituents waiting on claims. But if some folks were given preferential treatment, everyone else who’s having trouble with the ...

Judge rules Illinois governor’s order exceeded authority
A county judge has ruled Gov. J.B. Pritzker exceeded his authority by extending the state’s public health disaster declaration beyond the first 30 days in response to the coronavirus outbreak. The ...

Is Coronavirus Spiking In Your Illinois County? Find Out Here
A new website provides county-level data so you can make better decisions about heading back out to bars, restaurants or movie theaters.

Some Illinois communities cancel fireworks displays, others go ahead
Some Illinois communities have scrapped plans for fireworks on July 4, but others plan to go ahead with displays for Independence Day.

Illinois seeking new poet laureate, state’s first since 2017
A poet laureate works to promote the art of poetry, nationally or at the state level. Illinois named its first poet laureate, Howard B. Austin, in 1936. Since then just three othe ...

Illinois’ fishing license sales: Up more than 60,000 as a morning at Henry’s Sports and Bait backs up
Staff at Henry’s Sports and Bait have known for months that fishing license sales were spiking; numbers from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources back that up. Ernest Blackman (right ...

Horses stand idle and clowns call it quits as the coronavirus cancels Illinois rodeos. ‘This is the first time ever that we won’t have a rodeo.'
Forty horses are crowded around Lenora Calzavara, their breath hot and their tails swishing. These aren’t riding horses, waiting for someone to take them out for a trot. These are rodeo horses, bred ...

John Prine named first honorary poet laureate for Illinois
The late John Prine was named the first honorary poet laureate of the state of Illinois by Governor J.B. Pritzker on Wednesday.