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How to make EVMs hack-proof, and elections more trustworthy
India has always led by example ... insecure — machines used in elections in the USA. Are they “hack-proof” and “infallible” as has been claimed by the ECI? Not at all.

No Proof Of Wrongdoing, Says Top Court On Rafale, Huge Win For Government
New Delhi: There is no reason to doubt the decision-making process behind the Rafale jet deal, the Supreme Court said today in massive validation for the government, which has been repeatedly accused ...

Prayagraj's new airport complex proof of rapid economic development: PM Modi
This is proof of the rapid economic development the country is undergoing currently. The country's middle class is growing. Their purchasing capacity is also increasing". While saying that India's ...

Elections in India still not accessible to persons with disabilities, here's proof
In July this year, the Election Commission of India (ECI) conducted a two-day National Consultation on Accessible Election in Delhi with the aim of making elections accessible for Persons with Disabil...

Video: India's fastest Train 18 is engineless, fire-proof
Train 18, developed indigenously by the Integral Coach Factory (ICF), offers not only a fast and comfortable mode of transport. The engineless train also provides safety to passengers as its coaches a...

Yami Gautam Pledges Her Support To World Wildlife Fund & TRAFFIC India’s Super Sniffers Campaign
India, being one of the world’s largest biodiversity hotspots, has been a target of wildlife poachers and smugglers. The backing of the success of the programme comes from the proof of success of snif...

Zomato To Introduce Tamper-Proof Tapes After Video Of Food Delivery Partner Goes Viral
"In our commitment towards mitigating any possibility of tampering with food, Zomato will soon introduce tamper-proof tapes, and other precautionary measures to ensure we safeguard against any chances ...

Remo D’Souza picks up stake in Mumbai based company Brandsdaddy to make India Auto Fire Proof
And by picking up stake in Mumbai based company Brandsdaddy, Remo plans to work towards making India auto fire proof. He launched the Automatic Fire Extinguisher at J W Marriot, Juhu with Roshaan Mish...

Cong: Modi creating fake proof against Oppn minister
Mr Surjewala claimed that never before in the history of India has a Prime Minister been found “complicit” in gaining “false evidence” against Opposition leaders to seek “revenge”.

AP SI Prelims exam 2018 on Sunday, carry original ID proof
NEW DELHI: The Andhra Pradesh Police Sub-Inspector preliminary examination will be conducted on Sunday, December 16, 2018 at 240 centres across the state. The AP SI Prelims exam will have two ...

Indian gaming industry is on a boom. These numbers are proof
DreamHack, recognised as the world’s largest LAN party and computer festival by Guinness, hopes to show India what the zest or experience of a digital festival is all about. The overall gaming industr...

Prayagraj's New Airport Complex Is Proof Of Rapid Economic Development: PM Modi
This is proof of the rapid economic development the country is undergoing currently. The country's middle class is growing. Their purchasing capacity is also increasing". While saying that India's avi...