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News for Ipad 2

Samsung’s iPad is here at last
Samsung’s latest effort to break the mind-share of the iPad is the Galaxy Tab Advanced 2. That name is awful and won’t do the brand ANY favors. Pretending that’s not an issue, this device looks pretty great. The device looks clean, has a rectangular ...

Testing the speed of iOS 11 versus iOS 12 on the iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 2
Apple made some big speed improvement claims regarding iOS 12 on older devices, like as some apps launching twice as fast, and CPU ramp-speed increasing across not just older devices, but also newer ones as well. AppleInsider puts the claims to the test.

Apple iPad Pro (2018): News and rumors
Updated on June 7: iOS 12 suggests 2018 iPad could have Face ID and notch. At WWDC 2018, Apple to show off its latest software innovations Everything you need to know about the Apple iPhone SE 2 Apple iPad (2018) vs. iPad Pro 10.5: Is the iPad Pro worth ...

Plan was hatched to get iPad off yacht in Myrtle Beach where man allegedly filmed girls showering
She said Hilliard told the girls to use the shower on his yacht Sunday night. She said, β€œMy daughter saw an iPad sticking out of the duffel bag just a little bit.” She said it was recording video, β€œand for her to have to see what he has videoed is ...

MacRumors Giveaway: Win a Rolltop Backpack, TechFolio and iPad Pro Case From Pad & Quill
For our second giveaway this week, we're offering MacRumors readers a chance to win a Heritage Rolltop Leather Laptop Backpack, a TechFolio Cord Organizer, and a Contega Linen case for the iPad Pro. Pad & Quill's Heritage Rolltop Leather Laptop Backpack ...

NC Man Accused of Recording Young Women with his iPad in Myrtle Beach
According to police records, he allegedly invited five females of various ages onto his yacht and used his personal iPad to record them while they were using the shower. Three of the victims were underage and the other two were 18 and 20 years old ...

Queen Elizabeth watches her mares give birth on her iPad
Queen Elizabeth watches her thoroughbred mares give birth on her iPad. The 92-year-old monarch usually misses her horses - who are kept at Sandringham in Norfolk - deliver their babies in the spring and summer months as she spends the majority of her time ...

Art 2.0: California artists use the iPad as their canvas
Electric Abstractions, featuring the work of California artists Daniel Leighton, Jayne Behman, and Robert Chapman, will be on display at the SLO Museum of Art through June 10. The museum will also host Art at High Noon with Behman on June 7. Visit sloma ...