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Ahead of the launch of new iPhones we often see dummy models created based on leaked schematics and specifications, with those models designed to ...

A new iPhone app lets users take video in Portrait mode
The iPhone 12 will reportedly allow users to take video in Portrait mode. In the interim, a new iPhone app called ‘Focus Live’ enables users to take video with the Bokeh effect. One of ...

Reddit and LinkedIn are making changes to their apps after Apple's big new iPhone update caught them snooping
Apple's iOS 14 update recently flagged that Reddit and LinkedIn were copying data from the clipboard, a practice that TikTok was also criticized for.

Having trouble with your iPhone SE? Here are all the ways you can reset it
There are multiple reasons why you might want to reset your iPhone SE. Maybe you’re having some trouble with the UI of your phone, or are stuck on an app without being able to go back to the home ...

Apple's iPhone 12 will be late, but not as late as it might've been, report says
According to the outlet's sources, all four upcoming variants of the iPhone 12 will be delayed by one to two months due to production disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In March, Nikkei ...

Apple’s Radical New iPhone Design Takes Shape
We already know a lot about the upcoming iPhone 12 range, including a surprise price cut. But now we have our best look yet at Apple’s all-new designs and it reveals what might be their most ...

Apple would like to store your passport and other IDs in an iPhone
But tech analyst Gene Munster thinks having a passport on your iPhone is at least 5 years away from becoming a reality.

This tiny 'bug slayer' unearthed in Madagascar is smaller than an iPhone
A homuncular species discovered in a sandstone basin in southern Madagascar over two decades ago may provide clues to the origins of the dinosaurs, including how pterosaurs learned to fly and why the ...

iPhone 12 production delayed, claims report
Apple's mmWave 5G iPhones could be as much as two months behind schedule, and Apple is ordering more older handsets to fill in the gaps.

The ‘iPhone of forehead thermometers’ hasn’t been this cheap since before COVID-19
Popular thermometers with Amazon Prime shipping were tough to find for a while due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, but the best of them all is finally back: ...

Reddit and LinkedIn to stop copying iPhone clipboards
A senior exec at LinkedIn tweeted that the code which enabled this had now been removed, while Reddit said it would release a fix next week. "We tracked this down to a codepath in the post composer ...

Calgary Transit MyFare app now available for iPhone after delay
Calgary Transit riders who are also iPhone users can now buy tickets and passes on the new mobile app after a delay on launch day meant the app wasn't available for iOS. Calgary Transit announced in ...