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This is the phone Android users should get if they like the iPhone X's design
No matter how good the iPhone X looks, it still won't pull away the staunchest of Android users. For some Android fans, making the jump to the iPhone's iOS operating system just isn't an option, no matter how much thicker the bezels are on the Pixel 2 ...

iPhone X Adoption Only A Bit Behind The iPhone 6s
Apple’s iPhone X’s lead-times dropped this week from 3 to 4 weeks to 2 to 3 weeks and Gene Munster at Loup Ventures updated his analysis of the X’s availability at US Apple stores. While the on-line availability became better Munster’s data is mixed.

You won’t miss the home button on the iPhone X, thanks to these new gestures
One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone X — besides the lack of Touch ID — is its complete lack of a home button. Instead of the standard set of gestures and buttons that have defined the product for years, iPhone users must now relearn how to ...

The iPhone X won’t be in stock consistently for months
After initial doom-and-gloom warnings about severe iPhone X shortages at launch, things are looking up. If you order a phone right now from Apple’s online store, you’re looking at a ship time of two to three weeks, which is a dramatic improvement on ...

iPhone X review: Mostly scary-good but a couple of gripes
The Phone X is the best upgrade from Apple in seven years. That would be since the iPhone 4, which was the big upgrade from the original iPhone. That’s how good the X (pronounced “ten”) is. Here’s the big stuff (sans the tech-spec stuff) that ...

Texas authorities serve Apple a warrant for mass shooter's iPhone
Whether or not Apple can honor the request is another matter. Authorities are persisting in their efforts to get access to the Texas mass shooter's iPhone despite having missed an early opportunity. The San Antonio Express-News has learned that Texas ...

iPhone X vs. 8 Plus vs. 8: Choose the best iPhone for you
Picking an iPhone used to be dead simple: just get the new one. But, in 2017, Apple has three new iPhones: a basic iPhone 8, an upgraded 8 Plus, and a fancy iPhone X. That's not even counting all the other iPhones Apple still sells, too: the iPhone SE, the ...

iPhone and Android wireless charger pads: Which one is the best?
If you're a new iPhone 8 or iPhone X owner, you probably know one of the advertised features of each device is their ability to wirelessly charge. There are many charging pads on the market, but picking one that is optimized for your phone is not easy.

Foxconn profits tumble on iPhone X supply chain challenges
Hon Hai Precision Industry, the company assembling Apple’s latest iPhone, saw a sharp drop in profits as production timing issues for the smartphone affected earnings. Shares in Hon Hai, also known as Foxconn, fell 2.8 per cent in Taipei on Wednesday ...

Authorities serve Apple a warrant for Texas shooter’s iPhone
Two weeks ago today, 26 people were killed by a gunman at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Two phones were discovered at the scene: older push-button LG and what local news described as a “blood spattered” Apple iPhone SE. Now local ...