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Apple Smashes Q1 Earnings Forecast on iPhone Demand, China Boost, Defying Chip Shortage
Apple crushed Street forecasts in its December quarter earnings, notching more than $123 billion in global sales despite supply chain disruptions and chip shortages.

iOS 15.4's Face ID With a Mask Feature Requires iPhone 12 or Newer
In today's iOS 15.4 beta that's available to developers, Apple added a useful new feature that changes the way Face ID works. There's ...

Apple wants to turn your iPhone into a contactless payment terminal
According to Bloomberg, Apple is preparing to launch a new service that will turn every iPhone into a payment terminal.

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Apple sales and profit top estimates as iPhone dodges supply chain hits
Apple Inc on Thursday reported record sales in the holiday quarter, beating estimates as it benefited from high iPhone demand in China and withstanding supply chain constraints and Omicron variant ...

Apple Reports All-Time Quarterly Revenue Records for iPhone, Mac, Wearables, and Services
Apple today reported its earnings results for the fourth quarter of 2021, which corresponds with the first quarter of the 2022 fiscal year.

Apple tops earnings expectations on strong iPhone sales
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