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Apple is planning 3 new iPhone models this year
Apple is expected to release three new iPhone models in September. One of them will use a lower-cost LCD screen part to keep the price down, according to a Friday report in The Wall Street Journal. Electronics manufacturers say Apple expects the lower-cost ...

The best iPhone accessories to get even more out of your device
Rokform also offers car and motorcycle mounts that work with the same case. If you’re an iPhone 7 and 8 owner who’s pining for the 3.5-millimeter jack, this accessory could prove invaluable. It’s basically a Lightning port splitter that allows you to ...

The iPhone 3GS is going on sale, and no, it isn't 2009
The iPhone 3GS is making a comeback -- nine years after it originally went on sale. South Korean wireless carrier SK Telink will start selling the iPhone 3GS by the end of the month, ETNews reports (via AppleInsider). It won't be a dusty refurbished ...

iPhone 3GS to be sold once again in South Korea
the iPhone 3GS was priced at $99 for an 8GB model with a two-year AT&T contract. Some of its cutting-edge features at the time are quite ancient by today’s standards, including support for 3G networks — forget LTE — and a 3-megapixel camera on the rear.

Remember the Apple iPhone 3GS? The Retro Smartphone Is Making a Comeback
The iPhone 3GS was discontinued in September 2012 and was following by the iPhone 4. Upon release 9-years-ago, it was a market leader, boasting a 3.5-inch display, a 3MP rear camera and up to 32GB of internal storage. While not that impressive when ...

iPhone 3GS returns to life with South Korean carrier
By that point the device had already gone through three major iOS updates, having started out on iPhone OS 3. The "iOS" name was adopted for June 2010's iOS 4, acknowledging the release of the iPad earlier that year. Apple will occasionally keep producing ...

UX engineer explains how Apple could fix ‘broken’ 3D Touch on iPhone [Poll]
One of the biggest reasons 3D Touch is “broken,” according to Kılıç, is that it’s impossible to know which buttons offer 3D Touch functionality. She likens it to if all links were the same style as regular text – how would people know where to ...

Grab a Brand New iPhone 3GS for Just $40 (in South Korea)
Wrapped in a black or white plastic shell with a thin strip of stainless steel ornamenting its measly 3.5-inch (non-Retina) LCD display, the iPhone 3GS boasted a number of worthy feature upgrades including a zippy 600 MHz CPU, up to 32 GB of onboard ...

Apple’s iPhone 3GS is making a comeback in South Korea
Apple released the iPhone 3GS back in 2009 and though it is now nearly a decade ... Beyond that, you’ll be treated to a 3.5-inch display (320p resolution), 256MB of RAM and a 3MP camera. But look on the bright side, you’ll at least be treated to ...

One of the best iPhone X clear cases on Amazon is just $3.99 today
At just $8, the JETech Shock-Absorbing Clear Case for Apple iPhone X is already one of the least expensive ways to protect your $1,000+ iPhone X without hiding Apple’s gorgeous design. It’s a wonderfully slim clear case made of polycarbonate and TPU ...