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News for Isaacson, Walter

Walter Isaacson: WeWork must be destabilized before it rebuilds on its vision
T-Mobile CEO John Legere will not be taking the job as the CEO of WeWork. In doing so, Legere is avoiding a potential conflict of interest due to SoftBank's involvement in both WeWork and Sprint.

It’s the Wise Men vs. the wise guys in Trump’s America
Jon Meacham is the author, most recently, of “The Soul of America.” Walter Isaacson and Evan Thomas co-authored “The Wise Men: Six Friends and the World They Made” in 1986. Geography, Napoleon is ...

How Steve Jobs saved Apple with the online Apple Store
A Sears store selling a Macintosh Performa back in the day. Those are washing machines behind them. "All that the salesman cared about was a $50 spiff," Steve Jobs later told Walter Isaacson. "Unless ...

For Election 2020, The Trump Team Floats A Keynesian Tax Cut
Arguably the most important passage of Walter Isaacson’s book, The Innovators, was something that readers largely glossed over. In his history of Silicon Valley and the geniuses who made it, Isaacson ...

Is your attitude problem creating an altitude problem?
Four years ago in Greece, Walter Isaacson taught me about Steve Jobs and Apple and how that success story was a function of the founders fanatical opposition to second-rateness. In New York six years ...

Former CNN CEO Isaacson: Biden is a storyteller, 'these gaffes don't hurt him'
Former CNN CEO Walter Isaacson told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Friday that he doesn't believe that 2020 front-runner Joe Biden Joe Biden Eric Holder: Democrats 'have to understand' that 'borders mean ...

Walter Isaacson is writing a book about CRISPR. He’s got company
One, from famed biographer Walter Isaacson, promises a sweeping narrative that goes from that double helix discovery to those CRISPR’d kids in China. Another will pick apart the potential of ...

Author, historian Walter Isaacson to speak at Purdue
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Author, historian and former news executive Walter Isaacson will share his insights on technological innovation in a presentation Sept. 4 at Purdue University. Isaacson will ...

Walter Isaacson to Keynote at Applied Net 2019
University Park, Ill., Aug. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Applied Systems® and the Applied Client Network today announced that Walter Isaacson will be the featured keynote speaker at Applied Net 2019.

Author and journalist Walter Isaacson headlines Lipscomb University’s Imagine
More than 800 donors and friends gathered to hear former Aspen Institute CEO, author and journalist Walter Isaacson speak at Lipscomb University’s Imagine 2019 in Allen Arena on Monday evening.

Steve Jobs criticized Tim Cook for not being a 'product person'
Biographer Walter Isaacson knew Ive was reducing his role, and also says his book 'softened' complaints that Steve Jobs had about Tim Cook not being a product guy'. Walter Isaacson [via CNBC] Walter ...

Steve Jobs Criticized Tim Cook as 'Not a Product Person,' Says Biographer Walter Isaacson
"Steve Jobs" biographer Walter Isaacson was on Squawk Box this week, and in an interview he mentioned that he "softened" parts of the book when it came to certain Jobs quotes (via CNBC). Particularly, ...