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News for Isaacson, Walter

Top 10 Steve Jobs Success Secrets for Insane Productivity
I just finished reading “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson, the only authorized biography of one of the most creative minds of all time. I watched the movie based on the book and his other biopic — simply titled “Jobs” — last year.

Walter Isaacson and Jon Meacham kick off the ‘Values in America’ series
For the first installment of the Tulane-Aspen Institute Values in America Speaker Series held Thursday, April 19, Tulane history professor Walter Isaacson and renowned presidential historian Jon Meacham spoke candidly about the state of the United States.

Why Meetings On The Move Should Be The New Normal, And How To Ensure They're Productive
Steve Jobs was a big fan of walking meetings, especially if it was the first time he was meeting someone. His biographer, Walter Isaacson, recalls Jobs insisting their first meeting about the book happen on foot. The writer soon realized that “taking a ...

Silicon Valley tech titans raise their kids tech-free – should you too?
Jobs' biographer Walter Isaacson later revealed the truth about the tech mogul's parenting style. "Every evening Steve made a point of having dinner at the big long table in their kitchen, discussing books and history and a variety of things," he said.

Our Views: Advice from Ben Franklin
In recent months, Tulane professor Walter Isaacson has gotten renewed attention because of “Leonardo da Vinci,” his new biography of the 16th-century artist and inventor. But it was Benjamin Franklin, the subject of an earlier Isaacson book ...

Last-minute tax tips: A 10-minute tax guide for procrastinators
After all, the renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci is said to have been a notorious procrastinator, according to biographer Walter Isaacson. Who wants to focus on everyday minutiae when there are frescoes to paint and helicopters to invent? Lots of people ...

Big Data, Small Company: How a Michigan Supplier Is Bridging the Digital Divide
he said (according to biographer Walter Isaacson) if he had 35,000 industrial engineers, he would have kept manufacturing in the U.S. Obviously, Jobs knew that the only way we were going to innovate and make money doing it was to not only to design ...

100 Most Influential People, but just six covers: Microsoft’s Satya Nadella makes Time’s short list
As for his brief profile, all of which are written by other notable people, Nadella’s recent success at the software giant is summed up by Walter Isaacson, a former Time managing editor and a history professor at Tulane University. Isaacson writes that ...

Schnars Helps Wolfpack Win A Pair In Falconer
Isaacson FALCONER — Kylie Schnars won three events to lead ... T–17.8 100m: Maddie Sohl (F), Kait Pixley (F), Sophia Walter (F). T–14.0

H.S. Track & Field: Milton boys earn close win in sweep of Central Columbia
Tanner Walter (M) 4:46.17; 2. Joshua Broadt (CC); 3 ... Owen Foreman (L). 1600: 1. Jonah Isaacson (M) 4:50.06; 2. Jason Stanko (L); 3. Calvin Bailey (L). 4X100: 1. Lewisburg. 400: 1. James Koconis (L) 51.2; 2. Felix Hernandez (L); 3.