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News for Israel

Jews are indigenous to Israel and a rabbi should know it, scholar says
For a long time there was very little doubt on whether the Jews were indigenous here. The concept started to be questioned by the Arab anti-Zionist community,” Ilan Troen said.

Bank of Israel sees 2020 budget deficit 13% of GDP, backs new aid package
Bank of Israel Governor Amir Yaron on Sunday threw his support behind a second stimulus package to help those hurt by the coronavirus outbreak despite the extra spending that is expected to boost ...

Israel running low on Remdesivir
We are trying to get a hold of it,” Sheba Medical Center’s Galia Rahav told The Jerusalem Post. She said the US President Donald Trump “bought all of it and one of it is left for the whole world.” ...

Coronavirus: Thousands protest in Israel over handling of economy
Thousands of Israelis have staged a demonstration in Tel Aviv to protest against what they say is economic hardship caused by the government's mishandling of the coronavirus crisis. Rabin Square was ...

Inventor of Israel's Iron Dome seeks coronavirus 'game-changer'
Daniel Gold, who led the team that invented Israel's Iron Dome missile defence system, has a history of safeguarding the country against what he identifies as existential threats. With the nation ...

Cataford signs two-year extension with Israel Start-Up Nation
Israel Start-Up Nation (ISN) announced Saturday that they have extended a new two-year contract to Canadian rider Alex Cataford. The Ottawa-native said the WorldTour team feels like a home team and ...

Will there be Orthodox women rabbis in Israel?
As someone who spent over 20 years advocating for women’s leadership, I have a keen interest in seeing women gain religious authority.

Israel Start-Up Nation: Chris Froome a great like Lionel Messi, says boss Sylvan Adams
Froome has gone to a team who, up until a takeover of Katusha last October, were in pro cycling's second division - ineligible to compete in races such as the Tour de France. Think Lionel Messi ...

Netanyahu admits Israel reopened ‘too soon’ after surge of COVID diagnoses
Facing a surge in coronavirus cases and mounting public anger over the economic fallout, the prime minister took responsibility for the decision.

Israel import sanctions would be illegal, says Coveney
Simon Coveney, the foreign affairs minister, has said his opposition to the Occupied Territories Bill is not political but based on clear advice from the former attorney-general.The bill, which would ...

Chris Froome to leave Team Ineos for Israel Start-Up Nation at end of 2020
Chris Froome’s remarkable decade-long career with Team Sky and Team Ineos, in which he won seven Grand Tours and become Britain’s most successful road cyclist, will end in December when he moves to ...

Chris Froome can win the Tour with my Israel Start-Up Nation team, says Sylvan Adams
Whether Chris Froome can still contend the biggest races is the most intriguing question in cycling — and Sylvan Adams has more reason than most to care about the answer after investing millions of ...