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News for Israel

Natanz nuclear plant attack ‘will set back Iran’s programme by nine months’
US intelligence sources believe Israel was behind Saturday’s cyber-attack on heavily guarded facility First published on Mon 12 Apr 2021 05.01 EDT The cyber-attack on the heavily guarded Natanz plant ...

Blaming Israel, Iran Vows Revenge for Blackout at Nuclear Site
Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian foreign minister, threatened retribution for what he said was an attack at a uranium enrichment plant over the weekend.

The sacrifice of Israel's soldiers will not be forgotten
My father is one of more than 23,000 who gave their lives so that we may be able to live in peace and security in the Land of Israel. Behind every one of our fallen soldiers, there is a story that ...

Israel is now situated in the new Middle East
Since the signing of the Abraham Accords, there’s been somewhat of a love affair between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. But unlike the peace agreements between Israel and other Arab states, the ...

Lloyd Austin Hails Strong Israel Ties As Iran Vows Revenge For Nuclear Outrage
Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin became the first senior member of the Biden adminstration to make a visit to Israel over the weekend, where he hailed the two countrys' relationship as "enduring and ...

Inside Iran's torture prisons: Tehran quick to jail those with pro-Israel ties
She had an Iranian boyfriend whom she had met in Europe and who she says works as a doctor for the IDF [Israel Defense Forces]." The source added that "the woman had visited Tel Aviv with him on her ...

Iran blames Israel for sabotage at Natanz nuclear site
Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has blamed Israel for a sabotage attack at the underground Natanz nuclear facility ...

Iran accuses Israel of attacking key nuclear site, calling it ‘crime against humanity’
An Israeli media outlet, citing unnamed intelligence officials, said the Mossad was involved in a cyberattack on the Natanz nuclear facility.

Lebanon steps up demands in maritime talks, angering Israel
After Lebanese public works minister increases area claimed in sea border dispute, Israeli energy minister accuses him of 'blowing up' talks aimed at resolving issue ...

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin meets with PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel
During his visit, he tweeted that the United States is committed to close consultations with Israel concerning "threats posed by Iran" and Israeli security. Advertisement U.S. President Joe Biden's ...

Iran's top diplomat accuses Israel of attacking Natanz nuclear facility
Iran's top diplomat on Monday accused Israel of being responsible for a mysterious electrical blackout at its underground Natanz atomic facility. The accusation from Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed ...

Lebanon extends area claimed in border dispute with Israel
Lebanon’s outgoing minister of public works says he has signed a decree that would increase the area claimed by the tiny country in a maritime border dispute with Israel On Location: April 9 ...