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News for Israel

Spy Jonathan Pollard expected to fly to Israel after US lifts parole
Jonathan Pollard, a US citizen jailed for 30 years after being convicted of spying in one of the most dramatic espionage cases of the cold war, is expected to fly to Israel after being released from ...

Jonathan Pollard, Who Sold Cold War Secrets To Israel, Completes Parole
After 30 years in prison, and five years on stringent parole, former U.S. Navy analyst Jonathan Pollard plans to move to Israel, his lawyers said.

Israel Welcomes End to Convicted U.S. Spy Pollard's Travel Ban
The U.S. Justice Department's parole commission decided on Friday to allow a travel ban on Pollard to expire. The move was seen by some as a parting gift from the Trump administration to its ally ...

Netanyahu: Convicted spy Pollard expected in Israel soon
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday welcomed the lifting of parole restrictions on Jonathan Pollard, the former U.S. Navy analyst convicted of spying for ...

Pollard done with parole in US, free to relocate to Israel
The Justice Department says Jonathan Pollard, the former Navy intelligence analyst who served 30 years in prison for selling secrets to Israel, has completed his parole ...

Biden knows well that being pro-Israel does not make one anti-Palestine
Biden is a close friend of the Jewish people and a staunch supporter of Israel. He cares deeply about Israel’s security and well being. In June 2020, when progressive lawmakers called for placing ...

Jonathan Pollard, Convicted Spy, Completes Parole and May Move to Israel
The former Navy intelligence analyst served 30 years in prison for stealing American secrets during the Cold War.

Israel strikes Syria, killing 3 troops, after finding bombs
JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli warplanes struck Iran-linked targets in Syria overnight after troops uncovered roadside bombs along the frontier in the Golan Heights, the Israeli military said ...

4-year-old airlifted to hospital after crocodile bite in southern Israel
A four-year-old boy was injured on Saturday after being bitten on the hand by a crocodile while spending time at the Crocoloco Crocodile Farm in the Arava Desert in southern Israel. MDA medics and ...

Israel PM healthy after routine exam under sedation
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office says he is in good health after two small colon polyps were detected and removed during a routine examination ...

Pompeo to visit UAE to discuss arms sale, Israel normalisation
The Trump administration is trying to secure a $23bn arms sale in advanced weapons systems to the United Arab Emirates.

Parole ended for Jonathan Pollard, who spied for Israel, freeing him to leave the United States
The former Navy analyst who passed U.S. secrets to Israel spent 30 years in prison before his release in 2015.