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News for Israel

Israel fish deaths linked to rapid warming of seas
High temperatures and the persistent warming of oceans have triggered profound changes in marine ecosystems, but a new study suggests that the rate of onset of warming – rather than the peak – could ...

Israel court says woman can be extradited in child sex case
An Israeli court has approved the extradition of a former teacher wanted in Australia on charges of child sex abuse, potentially paving the way for her to stand trial after a six-year battle over her ...

The UAE-Bahrain-Israel accords are a big step — in the wrong direction
Beneath the veneer of “peace," these agreements strengthen four nefarious dynamics that far outweigh the current niceties.

Love for Israel is not enough. A vote for pro-Israel candidates is needed
Similarly, we learn from a recent study of American Jewish voting patterns, authored by Professor Gil Troy under the auspices of the Ruderman Family Foundation and titled “The Jewish Vote 2020: More ...

Shinzo Abe boosted Japan’s ties to Jews, Israel
The following month, while in the Netherlands for a G7 summit, then-prime minister Shinzo Abe visited the Anne Frank House museum, making him one of the most prominent world leade ...

Honduras to move its Israel embassy to Jerusalem by end of year
President Juan Hernandez also announces that Israel will open a diplomatic office in Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa.

Sudan to discuss removal from terror list as U.S. pushes closer Israel ties
The UAE and Bahrain have normalized relations with Israel in deals brokered by the U.S., and Washington has urged other Arab countries to follow suit.

Israel Court: Sex Crimes Suspect Can Be Extradited To Australia
The Jerusalem district court, which in May determined Malka Leifer was mentally fit to stand trial, said in its ruling "the defendant can be extradited to Australia for the crimes attributed to her in ...

Bahrain King Says Accord With Israel Not Directed Against Any Country
Bahrain's move to establish ties with Israel was not directed against any entity or power but aimed to bring about a comprehensive peace in the Middle East, King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa said on ...

Israel court: Child abuse suspect can be extradited to Australia
Malka Leifer, a former educator accused of sexually abusing female students, has been fighting extradition since 2014.

Israel, Abu Dhabi Forge Film Ties Following Normalization Agreement
The recent U.S.-brokered agreement under which Israel established diplomatic relations with two Arab states has rapidly prompted formal film industry ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates ...

Honduras Hopes to Move Israel Embassy to Jerusalem by End of Year
Honduras hopes to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv by the end of 2020, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday, a ...