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News for Israel

Israel declares coronavirus lockdown for Passover holiday feast
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Monday a national lockdown would begin on Tuesday and end on Friday to try to stem the spread of the new coronavirus during the Jewish holiday of ...

The coronavirus outbreak and maritime trade to and from Israel
Israel's healthcare system is currently coping with the recent coronavirus outbreak, and the main entry point to the country, Ben-Gurion Airport, is mostly deserted – a clear illustration of the ...

Negative Rates No More Taboo in Israel as Virus Hits Economy
The Bank of Israel shifted course by cutting interest rates to just above zero, and hinted it may not stop there if the coronavirus continues to ravage the economy.

Calls to seal off ultra-Orthodox areas add to Israel's virus tensions
Rules enforcement highlights problem of getting message across to minority community ...

Protective of Religious Beards, Israel to Produce Fitted Face Masks
Protective of Religious Beards, Israel to Produce Fitted Face Masks As part of measures to combat the epidemic, Israeli authorities last week told people to cover their mouths and noses in public.

Israel among first to try experimental Japanese coronavirus drug
Israel is among the first countries to receive an experimental Japanese drug to treat coronavirus, for testing at hospitals throughout the country, the Foreign Ministry announced on Monday. Testing in ...

Don’t Touch Your Face: Israel
Market response to the coronavirus, China deflecting blame, and the dawn of post-democratic Europe. Podcast: Don’t Touch Your Face: Israel Don’t Touch Your Face: Israel... Don’t Touch Your Face All ...

Israel Folau payout at risk as Rugby Australia reels from Covid-19 – report
Israel Folau’s multi-million payout from Rugby Australia could reportedly take a major hit if the sport’s governing body is forced into insolvency ...

Israel locks down ultra-Orthodox city hit hard by coronavirus
One health care expert has told the Israeli Parliament he believed almost 40 percent of Bnei Brak's residents could be infected.

Coronavirus cancellations and delays: Israel on lockdown, Wisconsin primary, and more
Movies, music fests, tech conferences, political rallies and sports events have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crisis QE Steals Spotlight Before Likely Last Rate Cut in Israel
(Bloomberg) -- The Bank of Israel is set to ease monetary policy again although economists are split over how given interest rates are already close to zero. The central bank’s long-held reluctance to ...

One Issue in Containing the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak in Israel: The Ultra-Orthodox
Right now, even with at least 1,400 members of the NYPD becoming infected with the Wuhan coronavirus, sweeping the subways of the homeless might be necessary, as any of them carrying the virus could ...