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Courtney Cox looks stylish in a leather jacket as she's joined by daughter Coco, 14, at charity gig in London
She shares her only child with ex-husband David Arquette. And Courtney Cox looked every inch the doting mother as she was joined her daughter Coco, 14, for An Evening with Dermot O' Leary presents Ed Sheeran in London on Tuesday night. The American ...

Armani democratizes the double-breasted jacket
MILAN (AP) — In a week normally reserved for men's fashion, the June edition of Milan Fashion Week closed Monday with a mélange of men's and women's previews for next spring and summer. President of the Italian national fashion chamber, Carlo Capasa ...

Missing 5-year-old girl was wearing life jacket in Steel Dam boat accident
The Rock River search for a 5-year-old girl now is a recovery effort. The girl fell into the river Monday night near the Steel Dam, along with members of her family. Three others were rescued, including the child's mother and brother. All were wearing life ...

Jim James Talks Personal Life, Solo LP & My Morning Jacket On ‘Celebration Rock’ Podcast
The latest episode of rock journalist Steven Hyden’s Celebration Rock podcast features an interview with Jim James. Hyden talks about a number of topics over the course of his chat with Jim James including what lies ahead for My Morning Jacket.

Viral video raises questions of life jacket safety
Mulling over even the most minute detail, a viral video shows a father inspecting his daughter's buoyancy vest. The parents even go as far as to weigh their daughter before putting it on and going for a swim. According to the video, the vest was Coast ...

Every Parent Needs to See Why a 'Life Jacket' Almost Drowned This Toddler in Her Grandparents' Pool
Mueller shared details about the "UL approved life jacket" on Facebook that he claims nearly drowned his daughter. As soon as the toddler is placed in the water, she's flipped with her head pressed into the water. "You would think this would save your child.

Three free life jacket stations open
A cadre of community organizations have made water recreation safer. Life jackets are available for temporary or loaner use at three Wallowa County locations thanks to the work of Building Healthy Families, the Wallowa County Sheriff’s Office and Joseph ...

Child finds 'full metal jacket' bullets on Rock Hill school playground, police say
A child attending a summer program found "full metal jacket" bullets Monday on a playground at a Rock Hill school, police said. The child found a magazine of 9 millimeter bullets while outside during recess, said Capt. Mark Bollinger of the Rock Hill ...

Jim James Discusses His Solo Career And The Future Of My Morning Jacket On The Celebration Rock Podcast
On June 29, Jim James will release his third solo album, Uniform Distortion. It’s a loose, raw collection of guitar-heavy songs that rail against the darkness of modern times. James is trying to fight that darkness in his personal life, too. In our ...