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News for Jamaica

Jamaica records 263 new COVID cases, 4 deaths
KINGSTON, Jamaica — Jamaica has recorded 263 new cases of the COVID-19 and four new virus related deaths in the last 24 hours. The latest deaths brought the country's confirmed cases to 42,763 and the ...

How Jamaica failed to handle its JamCOVID scandal
As governments scrambled to lock down their populations after the COVID-19 pandemic was declared last March, some countries had plans underway to reopen. Tourism represents about one-fifth of ...

Jamaica Adoptable Pets Of The Week: Shiloh, Trooper & More
Adopt a dog, cat or other kind of pet from a local shelter! Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many facilities in and around Jamaica are still working to find forever homes for dozens of cats, dogs and ...

Trelawny Is Jamaica’s “Yam Belt” And Where Yam Legends Are Made
Eighty percent of all agricultural production in Jamaica's parish of Trelawny consists of yams, making it the backbone of Jamaica's global export dominance of the staple. Trelawny yams have also taken ...

Jamaica to Vaccinate Tourism Workers
Jamaica is planning a major push to vaccinate workers in the tourism industry, according to Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett. As part of a broader national vaccination drive, Jamaica is targeting the ...

'Jamaica To India': Punjab Kings' Chris Gayle drops new song featuring Indian rapper Emiway Bantai - WATCH
The song is named 'Jamaica To India' and Gayle can be seen rapping along with Bantai in the music video. Meanwhile, Gayle shared a clip from the video on Twitter and captioned it, "Jamaica To India ...

How Jamaica Is Rebuilding Its Economy Using Sustainable Bamboo
A new company, Bamboo Bioproducts Ltd. has been registered in Jamaica and says by the end of 2021, it will break ground on the first Bamboo Pulp mill in the Western Hemisphere. The facility is ...

Jamaica's spate of femicides raises perennial questions about the influence of dancehall music
The uptick in female murders has the prime minister chastising the perceived influence of dancehall music, and fanning the flames of an issue on which Jamaicans remain quite divided.

Fact check: Jamaica is not insulated from the COVID-19 pandemic
Contrary to a viral meme, Jamaica has recorded about 38,000 COVID-19 cases. A meme claiming it has had no cases is false.

Jamaica man charged with murder after beating elderly neighbor to death with metal rod: DA
A 38-year-old man was charged with two counts of murder in Queens Supreme Court this week after he allegedly beat his elderly neighbor to death with a metal ...

CARIBBEAT: Jamaica College and St. George’s College students to benefit from virtual fund-raising ‘True Blue Sound Clash’
With coronavirus restrictions and innovations in communications technology, the Jamaica College Old Boys Association of South Florida is sharing the virtual “True Blue Sound Clash” with the world next ...

This Week's Jamaica Plain Prep Sports Schedule
JAMAICA PLAIN, MA — As students begin re-entering schools, prep sports are expected to return soon, and Patch and ScoreStream have rounded up this week's scheduled games for you. Massachusetts ...