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Seth Meyers Couldn’t Handle The Mask That Jason Mantzoukas Uses To Contain His Massive Quarantine Beard
Jason Mantzoukas revealed his hysterical new COVID mask that really provides the full beard coverage he’s looking for.

jason decaires taylor submerges six monumental 'masks' to form cannes underwater museum
one side of the mask depicts strength and resilience, the other fragility and decay. ‘from land, we see the surface, calm and serene, or powerful and majestic,’ says jason decaires taylor ...

Mask Order Cancelled In Tarrant County
Tarrant County cancelled its local order requiring face coverings Tuesday, and Fort Worth’s was set to expire at the end of the day.

These Texas chains will still require masks once the state's mandate is lifted
The end of mask mandates in Texas and Mississippi has created a dilemma for businesses: Keep such safety rules in place to protect against Covid-19 spread, as leading health officials advise, or ...

No Texas Mask Mandate, But You’ll Still Need One If You Go Here
While Texas Gov. Greg Abbott struck down the state’s mask mandate on Tuesday, several businesses will continue to require a face mask for those frequenting their establishments. Texas’ mask mandate ...

Staff at some major U.S. firms to keep masks on in Texas even as state lifts mandate
Employees at General Motors, Toyota Motor, Target Corp, and Macy's Inc in Texas will keep face masks on at work, the companies said on Tuesday, even as the U.S. state lifted most of its coronavirus ...

You Still Need a Mask at Kroger, Starbucks, Target
Although a few states are beginning to lift statewide mask mandates aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus, several major retailers will continue to require customers to wear masks in store ...

Big companies in Texas and Mississippi will still require masks as states end mandates
Some business advocates are concerned that the end of these states' mask mandates will create new challenges for companies and their workers.

As Texas Rolls Back Mask Mandate and Occupancy Limits, Here’s What Retailers Are Doing to Stay Safe
Nationwide chains, local boutiques, shopping centers and more retailers are contending with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order to repeal the face mask mandate in the state as well as allow ...

Retailers fear a return of the mask wars
Retailers and grocery stores are fearing a resurgence of the mask wars from earlier in the pandemic as Texas and other states start scaling back coronavirus restrictions.

Retail trade group slams Texas and Mississippi for lifting mask mandates, saying it puts workers at risk
Texas and Mississippi governors announced mask mandates will be lifted. Retail trade group RILA opposes the moves and calls it a "premature victory celebration." Retail workers have had to enforce ...

Liberals, Conservatives Grill Gov. Greg Abbott after He Nixed Mask Mandate
Leading the state through a pandemic and last month’s devastating winter storms, Gov. Greg Abbott hasn’t made many friends. And the decision to lift the statewide mask mandate starting Wednesday could ...