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News for Jewelry

California suspects ram SUV into jewelry repair business, loot store, police say
Two masked suspects looted a jewelry-repair shop in Southern California this week after ramming a suspected stolen vehicle into the storefront, according to police.

16 Initial Jewelry Pieces That Make It Personal
Give (or get) initial jewelry for a sentimental touch. Shop the best initial jewelry from Aurate, Mejuri, Catbird, Alison Lou, and more. "I think the best stacks have a personal element like a pendant ...

Blue Nile is offering up to 50% off customer-favorite jewelry ahead of Valentine's Day 2022
Pick up must-have diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and more at Blue Nile. Shop the Valentine's Day sale for up to 50% off right now.

Good Company: Octavia Elizabeth’s Ethical Fine Jewelry
When Octavia Zamagias, 31, started her jewelry company, Octavia Elizabeth, four years ago in her Santa Monica, Calif., apartment, she didn’t seek labels like “ethical,” “recycled,” or “sustainable.” ...

Nature-Inspired Fine Jewelry Takes On A Whole New Meaning In 2022
Irene Lummertz aims to channel creativity through her love of nature, celebrating the beauty found in rare stones. With designs that highlight and frame colored gemstones in 18K gold settings, the ...

Alleged thieves in matching puffy jackets make off with jewelry in Somerville smash-and-grab
Somerville police are looking for a group of people wearing puffy jackets who allegedly broke into a business, smashed display cases, and stole jewelry. Police were called to the area of Somerville ...

23 Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts she’ll cherish forever
While chocolates, a handwritten card and flowers are always thoughtful come Feb. 14, a gorgeous Valentine’s Day jewelry gift is the ultimate way to show your significant other that you love them ...

Jewelry store owner fights back, stops would-be robbers
A jewelry store owner who fought back is talking to KRON4 after he kept would-be robbers from taking his livelihood.

California jewelry store pulls gun on attempted smash-and-grab robbers
Security video captures a suspect smash a display at a San Bruno mall store, then shows Usman Bhatti confront him and draw a gun. “It was a bad experience,” Bhatti said.

San Bruno: Jewelry store owner fended off group during smash-and-grab robbery, one armed with gun
A group of five men is at large after they robbed a jewelry store inside the Tanforan Mall Monday afternoon, according to authorities.

5 suspects wipe out jewelry store at Tanforan Mall in smash-and-grab robbery, police say
A group of five men wiped out a jewelry store at the Tanforan Mall in San Bruno on Monday evening, police said. The incident continues a trend in smash-and-grab robberies across the San Francisco Bay ...

Video shows thieves plow stolen car into Escondido jewelry shop
Two thieves intentionally plowed a stolen car into an Escondido jewelry store early Thursday, then jumped out, smashed displays and made off with cash and goods, police said. Police are hoping the ...