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News for Jewelry

The American Musueum of Natural History Is Opening An Animal Jewelry Exhibit This Spring
Beautiful Creatures, a temporary exhibit which will showcase designs of animal jewelry by designers like Verdura, Joel Arthur Rosenthal, and Bvlgari, to name a few, opens in New York City this spring.

The 7 Biggest Jewelry Trends We'll Be Shopping in Fall 2021
When it comes to pretty baubles, the message of the fall/winter 2021 runways is clear: let's bring back the fun. Ahead, see the seven biggest jewelry trends to know (and wear) this fall. Because we ...

Meet With Clarity, The Online Jewelry Brand That Lets You Try-On Before You Buy
For those unsure of engagement ring purchases, With Clarity provides 3D-printed replica rings and pieces to try before you buy.

The Affordable Jewelry Brand Behind Julia Roberts’s Famous Ring Is Having a Huge Sitewide Sale
This semi-annual sale is major, because nothing is off limits. A handful of Baublebar's best-selling earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces are actually under $50. This includes not just Roberts's ...

‘Jewelry Masterpiece Awards’ To Present $100,000 To Jewelry Designers And Journalists
Entries are now being accepted for the inaugural Jewellery Masterpiece Awards, which honors excellence and artistry in the jewelry world. Jewelry companies, artists, designers and writers are all ...

James Avery Artisan Jewelry Now Open in Huntsville
James Avery Artisan Jewelry, a family-owned jewelry retailer based in Texas, announces the opening of its newest store, today in Ravenwood Village at 235 I-45 South, Suite E in Huntsville, Texas 77340 ...

Dior’s Next New Look? An Asymmetrical Jewelry Collection Inspired by Nature
Dior is known for its ultra-feminine jewelry inspired by nature, the heavens above and love. Its latest collection, Gem Dior, features a new, architectural style that combines natural elements with ...

This Mesa Jewelry Maker Has an Attitude Problem, and We're Here for It
But this is 2021, and we're 12 months into a global pandemic. Which is part of why irreverent and/or obscenity-laden merch by local company Gage Huntley is selling like hotcakes. “The minute the ...

New Colors Each Week In March: Support Local Jewelry Designer Meesha Farzaneh
Studio 512 got a special treat: we talked with local jewelry designer Meesha Farzaneh, who is dropping new color lines every week in March. (This week, it’s mauve!) The past year has brought ...

13 Ways To Start Wearing Spring’s Enamel Jewelry Trend Right Now
I have (somehow) fallen head over heels for the enamel jewelry trend that has been taking over my social media feeds. Luckily for me, these rainbow-brite pieces don’t seem to be going away anytime ...

Lead in children’s jewelry: the impact of regulation | Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology
In 2016 we identified a regulatory gap in Israel reflecting a lack of restrictions on lead in children’s jewelry. We conducted surveys that found high levels of lead in children’s jewelry. Following ...

Art, computers, sports cars, jewelry received from estates on block at sheriff's auction
The Office of the Public Administrator assumes control of some estates within the county’s jurisdiction when there are no heirs.