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The Best Jewelry From The 2020 Emmy Awards
There might have been no dramatic red carpet arrivals or entrances during the 2020 Emmy Awards, but the stars were still shining brightly in glamorous jewelry -A-list actresses chose to wear in their ...

California Jewelry Brand Suzanne Kalan Is Opening a Boutique at Harrods in London
The L.A.-based jeweler, known for her inventive use of baguette-cut-diamonds, is planting roots across the Pond.

Danish Jewelry Maker Tops World’s Best-Performing Market
In a year of lockdowns and falling consumer spending, the top spot in the world’s best-performing national market has been taken, surprisingly, by a Danish jewelry maker and retailer.

Madison Beer shows off her taut tummy in a white sports bra while shopping for jewelry with a friend
The 21-year-old singer was spotted out in Beverly Hills as she joined a friend for lunch and some jewelry shopping. Madison kept her look casual and sporty with a simple white sports bra that ...

Mejuri Debuts Men’s Jewelry Offering
The nine-piece collection will launch for pre-order on Oct. 1 and officially on Oct. 5 at Mejuri stores and online.

Kate Moss on Her Eclectic Style, Elizabeth Taylor, and Her New Jewelry Collaboration
The latest product of this long-standing passion is her first full jewelry collection, which Moss designed in collaboration with the luxury French jewelry house of Messika. It all began when she ...

Jewelry maker honors her Hispanic culture with each piece
Jewelry maker honors her Hispanic culture with each piece ...

Crime Stoppers: Reward offered in theft from Grove City jewelry store
Central Ohio Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward for information leading to the arrest of a man who stole a tennis bracelet from a Grove City jewelry ...

‘Seinfeld’ Had a Safe for Elaine Benes’ Jewelry
Dreyfus' 'Seinfeld' character, Elaine Benes, didn't wear any costume jewelry on the TV show. The program's costume designer wanted the character to have authentic jewelry and that's how the show ended ...

Second suspect, shot by store manager in jewelry store robbery, released from jail
Markess James Sherman, 31, of Miami Gardens, is out of the hospital and out of jail awaiting trial on an armed robbery charge after being shot during a holdup at Elite Fine Jewelry in the Pembroke ...

Kate Middleton Just Wore $110 Earrings from the Jewelry Brand Meghan Markle and the Hadids Love
Shutterstock Prince William and Kate Middleton. Is there anything Kate Middleton can’t do in a pair of statement earrings? The Duchess of Cambridge has already proven she can ru ...

The Best Jewelry from the 2020 Emmy Awards Ceremony
Emmy Awards ceremony was not the usual crowded red carpet affair, but that didn’t keep stars from pulling out all the stops, including donning a brilliant array of jewelry, for their award show looks.