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News for Jumpsuit

Why a jumpsuit is what your stay-at-home wardrobe is missing
Flight attendants started sharing their love for a comfortable off-the-shoulder jumpsuit by Prettygarden in a private Facebook group, and a viral sensation was born. Over 1,000 Amazon customers have ...

Andrea McLean looks effortlessly cool in Phase Eight jumpsuit - and it's still in stock!
Andrea posted her full outfit on Instagram. The good news is if you want to get Andrea's look for yourself, Phase Eight's Sukhmani Linen Jumpsuit currently has 25 per cent off at ...

Tracee Ellis Ross Wears Victoria Beckham, Brandon Maxwell and a Custom-Designed Fringe Jumpsuit in 'The High Note'
Costume designer Jenny Eagan also discusses Dakota Jackson's vintage tees and Diplo's open cardigan, worn with no shirt.

Everlane's Slip Jumpsuit is breezy enough to keep you cool on warm days — but you'll want to order one size down
Everlane's easy, versatile Slip Jumpsuit may be a worthwhile purchase at $100, but only if you can get the sizing right.

Ramona Singer Stuns in a Plunging, Lace-Up Blue Jumpsuit
Ramona Singer has been self-quarantining with daughter Avery Singer in Florida — and it looks like she’s had no problem updating her wardrobe to suit the warmer weather.

Why Amazon shoppers are snapping up this harem jumpsuit AND it costs less than £5
This harem jumpsuit is currently a bestseller on Amazon thanks to its incredibly affordable price tag and super comfortable fit- ideal for heatwave dressing.

Jennifer Garner Eats Her Fruits & Veggies in a Cozy Jumpsuit With Gucci Sneakers
If you’re looking for an easy way to get your daily intake of fruits and veggies, Jennifer Garner has you covered. The “13 Going On 30” actress promoted a new, small business across her social media ...

Could a Jumpsuit Be the Perfect WFH Outfit?
Craving convenience and comfort, discerning women are wearing the one-piece wartime classic while self-isolating.

'Grand Theft Auto Online' (ALL) Adds Daily Objectives Bonus, Free Jumpsuit, Double/Triple Rewards, GTA$200K Twitch Prime Gift and More
You can find Daily Objectives from the Player Interaction Menu. There is no career more American than daredevil stunt man. Unlock the Blue Jock Cranley Jumpsuit by playing GTA Online between now and ...

Nene Leakes Is on Her "Queen S--t" in a Racy, See-Through Jumpsuit
Nene Leakes is on her "queen s--t" and she's letting it be known. From her gold jeweled crown to her next-level at-home fashion slays, The Real Housewives of Atlanta OG has made s ...

Khloe Kardashian, Olivia Culpo & More Stars Showing Off Curves In Denim Jumpsuits
Denim on denim is huge right now – but why split it when you could just wear jeans head-to-toe in one piece like a jumpsuit? Denim is the one trend that just keeps on giving. Whether it’s ...