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News for K2 Snowboard

K2 names brand president
K2 Snowboarding, K2 Skate, Ride Snowboards, Line Ski, Full Tilt Ski Boots, BCA Backcountry Accessories, Atlas Snowshoes, Tubbs Snowshoes and Madshus Nordic Skis. Over the past 20 years, John has held leadership roles at Burton Snowboards, followed by Rusty ...

Global sale of men snow helmets examined in new research report
Global Men Snow Helmet Sales Market report is replete with detailed analysis ... Key companies profiled in this report are Head Sport, Carrera, Rossignol, Uvex, Giro Sport, K2 Inc, Smith, Atomic, Scott, Salomon, Bolle, Hammer Srl, Poc, Moon, Sandbox ...

The Last Gasp: Ralf Dujmovits’s Final Attempt to Climb Everest Without Oxygen
In the fall of 1996, there had been too much snow. In spring 2005, a teammate had taken ill ... Two years later, he organized the first commercial expedition to K2, the second-highest and arguably most formidable of the 8,000-meter peaks.

The 10 Best Snowboards On The Market
With the expert help of FindTheBest, we found the best snowboards on the market ... Show off all your snowboarding tricks with the K2 WWW Wide freestyle snowboard. The rocker-flat-rocker camber will help you carve down icy conditions and float through ...

The Powell Movement: Joss Christensen Interview
creating content and events such as the Back 9 and Kamp K2 and generally "worked his ass off for the love of sliding snow". His new podcast series, The Powell Movement, features some of the all time legends of skiing, both athletes and industry folk.

K2's Purchase of Ride Will Build Snowboard Line
K2 Inc.'s plan to purchase snowboard maker Ride Inc. for $14.3 million would help solidify the Los Angeles-based company as a leading manufacturer of snowboards, expanding its market share as the sport's popularity continues to grow. The deal for Preston ...

What to Buy to Look Like: A Vail Skier
K2 is also always a big one and Rossignol is your classic ski ... They do the Burton U.S. Open snowboard competition in Vail every year. And then there’s a smaller Colorado brand called Never Summer. They’re handmade in Colorado and have a big ...

Carve up your favorite mountain in the best snowboard bindings you can buy
Snowboard bindings have come a long way since the days of nylon ... Even a slew of quick entry systems have evolved, the biggest being Flow’s reclining high-back and, more recently, K2’s Cinch series. The first thing to consider before spending the ...

The best ski boots
At the same time, you’re still going to want to be there at the end of the day, carving out the remnants of untouched snow as the temperatures drop and ... Do your toes get cold waiting in lift lines? The K2 Spyne 120 Heat boots are not just built ...

First American Woman Climbs K2
She said most mountains have many places to rest, and then go higher and stop. But not K2. “It is asking for 110 percent effort day one.” While snow avalanches are risky, she said, climate change has brought a new risk. Rocks on K2 that used to be ...