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News for K2 Snowboard

Metro Detroit native becomes first American woman to climb K2
began their K2 summit push from camp 4 (roughly 25,000 feet) at 11 p.m. on July 27. They soon reached the infamous Bottleneck section, a narrow 300-foot gully of ice and snow. By then, winds were gusting to 30 m.p.h. and the wind chill, O'Brien estimated ...

Longtime Back Bay resident becomes first US woman to summit dangerous K2
it could have avalanched. I was hoping that at some point the snow would stop.” At the summit of K2, O’Brien clasped the United Nations flag and beamed with pride. “I wanted to take the UN flag up for women to show how far have women come,” she said.

K2 Snowboarding Presents: Beats Working
Beats Working celebrates the gathering of Tim Eddy, Hannah Eddy, Stratton Matteson, Destry Serna, and Alex Maros on their explorative trip to Bend, Oregon. On their adventures, they find flowy powder runs through trees and open fields, perfect side hits ...

2015 Rossignol Angus Snowboard 157" / Ride Bindings.
Its all in perfect condition not even a mark on the board. The price new was about $550. Like New K2 Snowboard, Bindings And Boots Used once. Like new condition. K2 137 Board. Bindings and boots size 7 included.

Ski Review — K2 Wayback 88 — Solid Springtime Performer
K2 has now expanded the Wayback line into four skis ... The graphics are new, and the top sheet is textured to prevent snow from adhering. Also, the skis have a hybrid cap/sidewall construction. Other than that they are similar to my original pair.

Natrona County Airport Opens New Snow Equipment Building
The employees, Januska said, do everything: snow removal, mowing, maintenance of the 14 miles of road and about 125 buildings on the 5,350-acre (8.4-square-mile) site with its runways (the longest is 10,150 feet), electrical work, carpentry, runway ...

Best Men’s All Mountain Freestyle Ski 2017/18: K2 Marksman
Salomon’s new XDR 80 Ti is an incredibly versatile all mountain ski that handles chop and bumps way better than an 80mm ski should New for 2017/18 Salomon are introducing a new range of all mountain skis called the XDR series, utilising technology ...

Earn Your Turns: Hottest Splitboards for 2017–2018
From bagging Alaskan peaks to splitboarding around your local range, the K2 Snowboard’s Joy Driver Splitboard is built for big mountain performance. The board has directional camber for superior control on technical backcountry lines and plenty of float ...

K2 Snowboarding: Elevate Your Experience
K2 needed some quality time with the gang, so they decided to rally (almost) the entire crew up to the Pacific Northwest to experience the banner snow-year firsthand. Deciding on Summit at Snoqualmie with pizza in tow, the K2 team settled in to shoot some ...

Community rallies for Gerhard Gross on GoFundMe
Before joining the TransWorld SNOWboarding family as managing editor, Gross rode for K2 snowboards and has always been fully immersed in the snowboarding community. His family, friends and colleagues can attest that with every word he writes and turn he ...