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News for K2 Snowboard

Vermont snowboard company has roots in Chester, Mendham
They really enjoy the artwork.’’ The snowboard business is ultra competitive with monster companies like Burton, Solomon and K2 fending off smaller upcoming brands. Last year, the three-year-old Powe.Snowboards company sold 80 boards at close to $400 each.

Avalanche Danger Ends Polish K2 Expedition
As they waited for breaks in the high winds, the snow began to fall, and fall, proving a truism of alpinism: the mountain always decides success or failure. Whether or not there will be a winter attempt on K2 next year remains to be seen. Communities of ...

Polish mountaineers end attempt to climb K2 in winter
Heavy snow damaged camps and equipment on K2, a peak that only around 300 people have managed to climb. Calling off the climb, the team leader said safety was the priority. The cancellation follows a dramatic split among the group, when one climber tried ...

Climber recounts terrible choice on Pakistan's 'killer mountain'
The pair flew from K2 on a military helicopter ... She had been forced to separate from Mackiewicz, who was suffering from snow blindness and was coughing up blood, a sign of oedema, or acute mountain sickness. Exposed to harsh winds and blistering ...

Q&A With Robin Van Gyn: One of the Most Badass Women in Snowboarding
Her impressive snowboard career—spanning more than a decade—has jumped ... Then, when I was 15, I borrowed my sister’s K2 board with clicker bindings—and it was bad. I was falling all over the place. RV: I ended up going again with a bunch of ...

Stay toasty in K2’s new Maysis and Sapera heated snowboard boots
When you’re out snowboarding on the mountain in winter, dropping temperatures and changing weather conditions can make for a miserable time, including the loss of feeling in your hands and feet. While you can always put on an extra pair of gloves, there ...