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News for K2 Snowboard

Stay toasty in K2’s new Maysis and Sapera heated snowboard boots
When you’re out snowboarding on the mountain in winter, dropping temperatures and changing weather conditions can make for a miserable time, including the loss of feeling in your hands and feet. While you can always put on an extra pair of gloves, there ...

Heavy snow forces Polish climbers to call off historic winter ascent of K2
WARSAW (Reuters) - Polish climbers said on Monday heavy snow and ominous weather forecasts had forced them to call off their attempt to climb the world’s second highest peak, K2, in winter - one of last remaining big feats in mountaineering. The team had ...

Volkswagen of America, riding on brisk sales of its earlier Jetta Trek mountain-bike package, launches a Golf K2 ski package today in a national TV campaign. The bike and ski deals are the first of four national tie-ins for VW, as it tries to link with the ...