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Big Brother 16 Houseguest Cody Calafiore Was Once An Underwear Model
Aside from being a kind-hearted heartbreaker, Cody is also a C-IN2 model who appeared in the recent football-themed “Get A Firm Grip” campaign. For the reocrd, he has an incredible ass and a ...

Team D.C. Fashion Show returns
Clothing featured on the models include Whiskey Ginger, Bite the Fruit, Mensuas, Rufskin, Trickbox, ’47 Brand, Ex Nihlo Tees, Underbriefs, FM Leather Design and C-IN2. Cover is $15 and includes ...

Sarcon 20GAR Thermal Interface Material is suitable for complex die-cut shapes.
Sarcon® 20GAR Thermal Interface Material is available in rolls, pre-cut sheets or it can be ... Sarcon® 20GAR offers thermal resistance of .17°C•in2/W. Sarcon® 20GAR from Fujipoly® is a ...

from C-IN2. And from a company called Baskit comes snug briefs with a contrasting color pouch and seam detail that accentuates, well, a man's basket. "This may be something people aren't talking ...

10 Athletic Spring Underwear Picks
Read more on the Intymen Sport Trunk ($25) at underwearexpert.com. 5 of 11 The C-IN2 Yoga Move range stretches in eight different directions, making it the premier choice for men who need freedom ...

Corsair TM30 Performance Thermal Paste Now Available
It has a thermal conductivity of 3.8 W/mK and a thermal impedance of 0.01°C -in2 /W, with a viscosity of 2300K cPs. Each container has 3 grams of thermal paste. So it can last through several ...

Temple Grad Cody Calafiore is the No. 1 Reason to Watch Big Brother This Season
And he’s appeared in an underwear ad for C-IN2 below: You’re welcome. Check out more videos of Calafiore below, including interviews with Big Brother alums Jeff Schroeder and Rachel Reilly.

Try a pair of hot underwear
For some, the love borders on fetishism. The more designer pairs they own, the better. And don't think the fashion industry hasn't noticed. Underwear companies such as 2(x)ist, C-IN2 and /baskit ...

There are briefs and boxer briefs and "action bikinis" and "athletic strings" and shorts with breathable mesh pouches or waistband condom pockets, and even a new brand called C-IN2 with patented ...

Fujipoly® Thin Film Delivers on Performance
12° C•in2/W. This product is ideal for transferring performance-killing heat from high power semiconductors and board-level components to nearby cooling heatsinks. Sarcon® 20YR‐c is a compliant, ...

Underwear Models Invade NYC!
Today, over fifty models will don eighteen brands of underwear – including Ginch Gonch, Paul Frank, C-IN2, Diesel, Hanes and women’s brands Natori and Barely There, among others – and strut ...

Scent of a Woman
Fashion trend report for 2005: Girls are real smelly. The stench of womanhood won’t go away with just Irish Spring—so try Melon’s scented panties, suggest websites Daily Candy and Scoop du Jour.