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News for Nevada

Climate change a top priority as Nevada Democrats begin to caucus
Climate change will be among the top priorities for Democratic voters in Nevada as the state begins to caucus Saturday.

2020 Daily Trail Markers: Nevada Caucus Eve edition
On the eve of the Nevada caucuses, every candidate (except Tulsi Gabbard and Michael Bloomberg) is stumping in the state to turn out supporters ahead of Saturday's "first in the West" contest. And a ...

Nevada is a land of diversity and reinvention. Will it reshape the presidential race?
In that sense, the caucuses here on Saturday are a taste of a much bigger electoral bounty when California votes on March 3. The Emigrant Trails no longer cross Nevada; they end here. Some of the most ...

Trump kicks off third rally in West Coast campaign blitz ahead of Nevada caucuses
President Trump is holding his third rally in three days Friday afternoon, revving up his supporters in Las Vegas a day before divided Democrats head to the Nevada caucuses to pick their 2020 nominee.

When are the Nevada caucuses and how do they work?
Nevada would like you to know it is not Iowa. Beyond the obvious differences — one is cold and predominantly white, the other is diverse and predominantly warm — Nevada has attempted to learn from the ...

Nevada Democrats Demand That Caucus Site Leaders Sign Nondisclosure Agreements
A day before the caucuses, the state party says volunteer and staff members at caucus sites are forbidden to talk to the news media.

Nevada Democratic Party moves to muzzle election workers
LAS VEGAS — The Democratic Party of Nevada wants to avoid the kind of embarrassments that plagued the Iowa caucuses. One way it hopes to accomplish that goal: Nondisparagement agreements. As election ...

Democrats make final push in Nevada ahead of caucuses
As the Democratic primary battle turns to states with more racial diversity than the first two nominating contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, newly released data from the NBC News/Wall Street Journal ...

Nevada Is Booming. But Not Everyone Is Feeling the Gains.
In a state that has become a Democratic stronghold, housing prices have rebounded and Las Vegas is shattering visitor records. Henderson, the second-largest city in Nevada with 316,000 residents, ...

Nevada Caucuses -- Live Analysis
Nevada Democrats hold caucuses Saturday in the first nominating contest in a racially and ethnically diverse state.

Former Nevada caucus site leader quits after refusing to sign NDA over caucus technology
The Nevada Democratic Party has been asking caucus site leaders to sign a NDA as they receive their iPads and other caucus materials. This volunteer refused. Warren opened a CNN town hall the way she ...

Buttigieg’s small-town strategy faces steep test in Nevada
LAS VEGAS — When Nevada’s caucus results start flowing in this weekend, Pete Buttigieg’s campaign will be paying outsized attention to some of the smallest precincts in the state. That’s because two ...