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Barney’s Kin ‘Shoots Neighbor’ in Latest Disturbing Kid Show Scandal
Matthew Squire in the Malibu Times. Nice to see the revenue from all those Barney VHS’ that you bought your kids is going to a good cause. While we’re disappointed to hear the name of our favorite ...

Justify My Love: Submitting to a Vampire Weekend obsession
I just wanted to have the paper image in my hands of that popped-collar beauty staring back at me. Like a preschooler obsessed with a Barney VHS, Contra was on repeat, not leaving my car stereo for ...

Omaha Collectors Repurpose VHS, Keep the Format Alive
"Now, why is this important?" said Haug, the Omaha VHS collector. "Because aesthetically it looks badass." Haug collects tapes of different colors than the custom black; tapes come in all colors: ...

Microsoft Launches ActiMates Early Learning System At Toy Fair
The result is a system comprised of three products, each acquired separately: A talking and moving plush ActiMates Interactive Barney A TV Pack with an RF transmitter that plugs into a VCR and ...

ART/ARCHITECTURE; When Fans of Pricey Video Art Can Get It Free
Long before the 'Cremaster Cycle,' Matthew Barney provided VHS copies of his works for 'private use' to those closely involved in the productions,'' recalls Jade Dellinger, a curator and friend of the ...