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News for Christmas

Albuquerque man accused of beating, abandoning puppy meant as Christmas gift
This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - Police say a puppy that was meant to be a Christmas gift was brutally beaten at the hands of the ...

Police seek trio of suspects in pre-Christmas assault and robbery in North Park
Authorities this week offered a $1,000 reward for help identifying three men suspected of beating and robbing a pair of men two days before Christmas in the North Park area. The victims, ages 35 and 2...

Mortara: Crazy final lap in Mexico was "like Christmas"
Disruption to the race caused by a red flag following Jean Eric-Vergne and Nelson Piquet Jr's crash caused an energy management headache for some teams in the final phase of the restarted E-Prix.

One in five people in debt in January over Christmas overspending
It was a cold, harsh January that we’re all eager to forget, and with good reason — over a fifth of Irish people were in debt last month due to overspending at Christmas. Research from One4all shows t...

Seattle Audubon’s Christmas bird count draws fans of all levels, from newbies to sighting superstars
IT’S DAWN ON a cold and blustery morning, when most people are still recovering from holiday food comas. About 20 folks, many toting binoculars and scopes, huddle in a parking lot at the Center for Ur...

Christmas spirit sails to Poplar Island
POPLAR ISLAND — The Christmas season set sail on Thursday, Feb. 14, with recycled Christmas trees, from Easton, to Poplar Island for black ducks to have a home. Each year, when Easton residents put th...

"It's like Christmas morning," Diamond Hogs Get First Win of the Season, Hog Fans Ready for More
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFTA) - Diamond hogs took home the first win of the season with a 15 to 7 win over the Eastern Illinois Panthers The rain kept hog fans away Friday, and Saturday's weather wasn't e...

Kirk Cameron Says Pagans Stole Christmas From Christians
Kirk Cameron wants people to know that many have Christmas all wrong. It's not a Christian holiday with pagan origins, but a Christian creation through and through. In his new film, "Kirk Cameron's Sa...

Changing climate shows up on Christmas bird count
As Hampton biologist Kelly McKay and Augustana College biology professor Steve Hager discussed results of the recent Christmas Bird Count, they couldn't help but talk about climate change.

Sheridan Smith ‘postpones’ live tour until Christmas over busy work schedule: ‘She’s been in tears’
It might be a while before Sheridan is back on-stage (Picture: Getty Images) Sheridan Smith has reportedly decided to postpone her live tour show until Christmas after being ‘inundated’ acting ...

A Countess By Christmas #1
Helen, who lost her parents when she was young, was raised by her aunt. However, her aunt’s business has gone bankrupt and now they’re desperate. They receive an invitation from Earl ...

Let this dead Christmas tree rest in peace!
Our condominium complex is kept up very well, but every January, some neighbors ignore the HOA’s posted signs about proper disposal of Christmas trees and chuck their trees near the dumpsters. For yea...