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News for One Tree Hill

'One Tree Hill's' Chad Michael Murray and Torrey DeVitto Reunite for Hallmark Christmas Movie (Exclusive)
Hallmark is staging a One Tree Hill reunion! Chad Michael Murray, who played Lucas Scott for six seasons of the 2000s teen drama, and Torrey DeVitto, who portrayed nanny Carrie, are reuniting for an ...

One Tree Hill fatal stabbing: four charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and bailed
UPDATE 6.15pm: Four people charged following a series of events which resulted in the stabbing death of a man at One Tree Hill last month, have been granted bail. Steven Judge died from stab wounds to ...

Riverdale's Chad Michael Murray Teases Edgar's Ominous 'Agenda,' Previews His Showdown With Betty
Chad Michael Murray — who rose to fame playing a teen himself on The CW’s One Tree Hill — recently made his Riverdale debut as Edgar, and while The Farm is slowly tightening its grip on the town of ...

Why A One Tree Hill Revival Needs To Star The Original Cast
One Tree Hill is one of those shows that I truly miss, even years after it left the airwaves. It ended its run with nine seasons in 2012. The past seven years have been tough without its huge drama ...

EyeCon’s ‘One Tree Hill’ conventions might not end after all
Four years and 10 conventions later, the organizers of the popular local "One Tree Hill" conventions held what's being called its final fan gathering — but a swelling movement might mean a change in ...

EyeCon holds its final One Tree Hill hurrah
WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – One Tree Hill has been off air for almost seven years, but it hasn’t stopped touching the lives of people from Wilmington all over the world. One Tree Hill was shot right in ...

One Tree Hill fatal stabbing: four arrested, expected to be charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment
Four people will face Bendigo Magistrates' Court today following an incident where a man died on One Tree Hill in Spring Gully last month. Detectives have arrested a 20-year-old Long Gully woman, a 27 ...