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News for Prisms

Wedge prism approach for simultaneous multichannel microscopy
Our novel approach uses wedge prisms to redirect the channels to separate areas of a single camera sensor array. We employ a charge-coupled device (CCD). As shown in Fig. 1a, multichannel emission ...

A colorful, interactive public art installation will light up the Seaport this winter
First it was the glowing, musical see-saws in February 2018. Then came the giant, luminous cylinders and prisms in January 2019. Now, in what’s quickly becoming a winter tradition, the Seaport will ...

Low-intensity educational interventions supporting self-management to improve outcomes related to chronic breathlessness: a systematic review
Self-management is complex, involving 14 components as identified by the Practical Systematic Review in Self-Management Support (PRISMS). Low-intensity educational interventions that support ...

Bloomberg's focus on finance mostly benefits other billionaires
There are many prisms through which to view the still-sprawling Democratic primary, but one I think is the most helpful is the politics of the possible vs. those of the impossible. On one side, there ...

Report: Crypto Fraud Losses Reach $4.4B In Q3 2019
It’s no secret that privacy and security are the prisms through which authorities have looked, and are looking, at Libra and other digital coins. The backlash against Facebook’s planned cryptocurrency ...

Ithaca's in for a bright, colorful 15 days with debut of new Winter Light Festival
It includes 25 colorfully lit prisms that act as kaleidoscopes and are interactive. “Prismatica is a visual spectacle unlike anything we’ve ever seen here before. As visitors walk the Commons ...

Mike Bloomberg and the politics of ‘can’t do’
There are many prisms through which to view the still-sprawling Democratic primary, but one I think is the most helpful is the politics of the possible vs. those of the impossible. On one side, there ...

Experience a giant kaleidoscope with Prismatica in downtown Houston
HOUSTON — Avenida Plaza downtown is brightening up the holiday season with Prismatica. Prismatica turns the plaza into a giant kaleidoscope with prisms that reflect surrounding downtown Houston by day ...

How to get Enhancement Prisms in Destiny 2
Enhancement Prisms are one of the new types of upgrade currency introduced to Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep. Getting your hands on more Enhancement Prisms is going to be a bit tricky, time-consuming, or ...

Spectroscopic Prisms
KENLEY, England, Nov. 21, 2019 — Spectroscopic Prisms from Optical Surfaces Ltd. are high-quality, uncoated and coated optics for image rotation, inversion, re-direction, and dispersion of light.

Global Prisms Market to Witness a Pronounce Growth During 2024
LP INFORMATION offers a latest published report on Prisms Market Analysis and Forecast 2019-2025 delivering key insights and providing a competitive advantage to clients through a detailed report.