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News for Malta Photo

Denise Welch stuns social media with age-defying swimsuit photo while on holiday in Malta
Denise Welch has set social media alight with a picture of her posing in a swimsuit of the first day of her holiday in Malta. The Geordie actress has been an almost permanent fixture on our screen ...

Queen and Prince Philip’s former home in Malta given unusual makeover - PICTURES
THE QUEEN'S former Malta home, where she spent part of her early marriage years to Prince Philip, will be turned into a museum after the Maltese Government bought it.

A Tour of Crumbling Malta Villa Where the Queen Lived in Her 20s
It is the only property outside of Britain that Queen Elizabeth called home. A crumbling villa near Malta's capital, Valletta, where the heir to the English throne lived between 1949 and 1951, is ...

Denise Welch looks sensational in a clashing print swimsuit as she enjoys sun-soaked Malta break
The Loose Women panellist, 62, put on a stylish display her swimwear as she posed for a snap she shared via Instagram on Thursday.

Turkey says Greece-Egypt maritime border deal 'null and void'
The demarcated area is located on Turkey's continental shelf, as reported to the UN, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said.

94 rescued migrants land in Malta
A group of 94 migrants rescued by (AFM) landed in Malta on Monday evening, local media Times of Malta reported. Most of the migrants were men and five were women, including a young girl and one child ...

Two-thirds of 94 migrants rescued by Malta have COVID-19
Over two-thirds of a group of 94 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean by Malta have tested positive for COVID-19, with the tests of nine others pending, Maltese health authorities said on Tuesday.

Boosting Investment in R&I: €100,000 donation by kENUP Foundation to Malta’s COVID-19 R&D Fund
ENUP Foundation has presented €100,000 donation into Malta’s COVID-19 R&D Fund. The Fund is managed jointly by the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) and Malta Enterprise with the support ...

WIDER IMAGE-A tour of crumbling Malta villa where UK's queen lived in her 20s
"We are planning to invite anyone who remembers the royal couple when they lived in Malta to meet us, share their memories and possibly their photos," he said. SWEEPING VIEWS Princess Elizabeth was in ...

Crumbling Malta villa where the Queen lived in her 20s set to be restored
"We are planning to invite anyone who remembers the royal couple when they lived in Malta to meet us, share their memories and possibly their photos," he said. Princess Elizabeth was in the first ...