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This adorable toddler and her dad shared a cute moment where they played a game of exchanging pacifiers. The dad and baby would each take a pacifier in their mouths and then switch. The little girl se...

New NUK Pacifiers Soothe Better Than Ever
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It's basically a fancy little speaker that's connected to a pacifier. When the baby sucks, a song plays. And not just any old song. Music therapists at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital work with ...

Inmates help police rescue Florida baby accidentally locked in car
It took about two minutes before the group cheered. The parents thanked the crew, deputies and firefighters for their help, finding their baby crying and sucking on a pacifier inside the car.

PAL: Pacifier-Activated Lullaby Device May Help Premature Babies Develop, Feed
The device is a white, rectangular object about the size of a shoebox with an electronic screen and a pacifier connected via a short cord. Its secret ingredient: the music it plays — a personal lullab...

Triplets born early use lullaby-playing pacifier as part of a study aimed to help premature babies develop, feed
The device is a white, rectangular object about the size of a shoebox with an electronic screen and a pacifier connected via a short cord. Its secret ingredient: the music it plays — a personal lullab...

The Best Deals At Walmart.com On Must-Have Baby Products
Thankfully, there are a ton of affordable baby essentials that are easy to find on Walmart.com to help alleviate that stress. From bib sets to pacifier bundles (does anyone ever notice how many of the...

I was a germaphobe. Then I became a parent.
It was my baby's pacifier. And not just any pacifier, mind you. It was the one and only pacifier that my oddly particular baby would use. It was irreplaceable. And my baby was screaming.

LA researchers are using a musical pacifier to help premature babies
“There’s not a lot you can do as a NICU parent and a lot of times, you have limitations in how you can comfort your baby,” she said. But a few days, after he was born, she found something that helped: ...

'Watch out world': Anna Wintour's son and daughter-in-law welcome a baby girl named Ella Shaffer, making the Vogue editor a grandmother-of-two
Lizzy took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday to share a photo of their baby girl sucking on a pacifier, writing: Ella Shaffer 2.3.19. The sweet snapshot shows their newborn daughter fast asleep with a c...

Prisoners in striped suits break into locked car to rescue overheating baby
After their baby was safe, Lantry can be heard commenting on the ‘hilarious situation’ as the child sucks on her pacifier.