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The LI couple started a group to help provide food to the workers at Southside Hospital working to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Couple married over 50 years die within hours of each other amid the coronavirus
Merle and Delores Tofte were married almost 53 years. They died within hours of each other in Washington amid complications due to the coronavirus.

N.J. couple adjusts to “drastic change" after nearly 40 years of owning local coffee shop
It's also been tough for the Stephens knowing that there isn't work for their eight employees. It's a harsh reality and unlike anything the Lambertville couple has seen since moving into town almost ...

Column: Lincoln Park couple gets married over Zoom webinar
The bride wore white. The cat wore a bowtie. The guests wore pretty much whatever they wanted to wear. Lincoln Park couple Rachel Jacobs and Aron Croft were scheduled to join in holy matrimony on ...

Family remembers Chatham Co. couple that fell victim to medical issues, COVID-19 diagnosis
LIVE VIDEO: President Trump gives update on federal coronavirus response. Click to watch full coverage … SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Arnold and Lorlee Tenenbaum died just five days apart from each other.

Coronavirus doesn’t stop octogenarian couple from meeting at Danish-German border amid lockdown
Love goes on in the time of COVID-19 – even if it means meeting it halfway. Inga Rasmussen is 85 and lives in Denmark. Karsten Tüchsen Hansen is 89 and lives in Germany. The couple used to visit each ...

Lorain County couple charged with violating Ohio’s stay-at-home coronavirus order, Elyria police say
The convenience store owner told police the couple walked into his store, started arguing and causing a scene, the report says. The owner intervened and told both of them to leave the store. They ...

Coronavirus kills elderly Illinois couple hours apart in hospital
An 88-year-old man and his wife died from the c hours apart in an Illinois hospital. An obituary for Feliks Ogorodnik and his 84-year wife Luiza Ogorodnik describes them as immigrants from Ukraine who ...

Meet the $500 million Wall Street power couple getting slammed for stock trades placed as the coronavirus tanked markets
Profile of Republican US Senator Kelly Loeffler and ICE founder, CEO, and chairman Jeff Sprecher, who are a Wall Street power couple.

Skokie couple who emigrated from Ukraine die hours apart after contracting coronavirus
A Skokie couple who emigrated decades ago from Ukraine to begin a new life together in America have died, just hours apart, both infected by the coronavirus. Feliks Ogorodnik, 88, and his wife, Luiza, ...

A hiker photographed a sunset proposal in Sedona. Now she needs help finding the couple
After snapping a picture of a photogenic proposal while hiking Sedona's Cathedral Rock, the photographer would like to find the mystery couple.

Little Rock couple creates vision of 'Xanadu'-inspired roller rink in garage
Mac and Ashley Murphy decided to put some of their free time to good use — clean out the garage. As they finished, they stared at the empty space and had a vision right out of Xanadu — the 1980 roller ...