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News for Pacifier

Community raises nearly $7K for family of Trousdale County baby who choked to death
TROUSDALE COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — An online fundraiser has collected thousands of dollars to help the family of a seven-month-old Hartsville boy who died last week after he reportedly choked on a ...

Parents sue over child burned at Wolfeboro daycare center
WOLFEBORO -- A Brookfield couple has filed a lawsuit against the Wolfeboro Area Children’s Center, alleging that their 13-month-old son suffered second-degree burns over more than 15% of his body when ...

Swinney complains about media coverage, Finebaum says Clemson coach needs pacifier
"Somebody just give the man a pacifier, send him to timeout," Finebaum said, in reference to Swinney's comments this past weekend that the CFP committee doesn't want Clemson in the top four.

Parent to Parent: Gift ideas for the whole family to enjoy
We'd like to get some gift ideas for the kids as well as the adults. From a reader • WubbaNub has animal-pacifier combos that provide babies and young children with a soft "lovey" stuffed animal. We ...

Sucking Baby’s Pacifier May Have Health Benefits, Detroit Study Says
A Henry Ford Health System report finds that when a mom opts for sucking baby's pacifier to clean it, her child may have lower odds of developing issues like allergies and asthma. Does your child have ...

Paul Finebaum has a message for 'annoying' Dabo Swinney: Here's a pacifier
“I think Dabo Swinney is the most annoying winner in all of sports,” Finebaum said. “The guy just can’t keep his trap shut. Somebody just give the man a pacifier, send him to timeout and we’ll check ...

High-Tech Pacifier May Monitor Baby's Blood Sugar
But researchers may have developed a much easier way to check -- a sugar-sensing pacifier. While baby sucks on the pacifier, it collects saliva, tests the sugar (glucose) levels and wirelessly sends ...

Seahawks' DK Metcalf uses pacifier mouthpiece but plays 'like a grown man'
As if he doesn't already stand out with a 6-foot-4, 229-pound frame that's so muscle-bound it looks like a human Batsuit, DK Metcalf's on-field look includes an accessory that's impossible to miss: a ...

Toddler Diabetes Test: New Pacifier Tracks Sugar Levels In Real Time
It may soon be easier for parents to monitor the blood sugar levels of their babies. A new pacifier with biosensors has been developed to detect and track diabetes in babies using only their saliva.

Pacifier-based biosensor could help diagnose, treat diabetes in infants
Now researchers reporting in ACS' journal Analytical Chemistry say they have developed a pacifier-based biosensor that tracks real-time glucose levels in saliva. It could ultimately help diagnose and ...

D.K. Metcalf's NFL debut highlighted by big catches and ... a baby pacifier?
D.K. Metcalf entered the NFL known for his blazing speed. He appears to be going for another look in his Seattle Seahawks debut. We’re not really sure what Metcalf is going for here. He’s 21 years old ...